Democrats propose extended hours at Division of Motor Vehicles

By Larry Lee, WSAU Radio


MADISON, Wis. (WSAU) -- Several Wisconsin Democrats are pushing for longer service hours at the state’s Division of Motor Vehicle offices. It’s not to shorten the line for renewing your license plates.
Thirty-five Democratic Legislators want the extended service hours. They say this will provide more opportunities for citizens to get their voter ID cards before the November 4th election. One of them is Stevens Point Representative Katrina Shankland, who claims nearly 300-thousand registered voters do not have a valid form of identification to vote. Based on that estimate,
Shankland says it would take 25-thousand extra man hours to make the cards if each person needed only five minutes at the DMV office.
Shankland says several DMV offices such as Wittenberg are not open every day. She also wants the DMV to start a new mobile office for making voter ID cards. Shankland says it’s imperative to do this quickly so people can exercise their right to vote one month from tomorrow.
The Democrat’s proposal doesn’t address how the DMV hours or mobile center would be funded.
Driver’s licenses are accepted to vote, even if they are expired or revoked. More guidelines for having the proper ID can be found at the Government Accountability Board website,