Democrats attack Walker's travel records

By WSAU/Wheeler News


(WSAU-Wheeler News) Democrats propose fines of $500-a day for state officials who seek higher office and don't file timely reports about their political-related travel.

Green Bay Senator Dave Hansen and Stevens Point Representative Katrina Shankland are fed up over delays in the reporting of some of Governor Scott Walker's foreign travel costs. Hansen calls the Republican presidential candidate's visits to Europe, Canada, and Israel "frivolous" -- although taxpayers did not cover the Israeli visit. The Democrats' bill requires reports from state officials as soon as they consider higher office. They would have to tell the Government Accountability Board about their trips' purposes and itineraries, and reimburse travel and security costs within 30 days.
The governor's office says Walker already exceeds current state law by having his campaign reimburse security costs, and he'll continue to provide detailed travel information.