Democrats pressuring fellow Democrats on same sex marriage licenses

By Larry Lee, WSAU

STEVENS POINT, Wis. (WSAU) -- Monday’s Supreme Court decision not to take up Wisconsin’s appeal on the gay marriage ban has some Democrats putting pressure on other Democrats to hurry up with the licenses.
State Representative Katrina Shankland of Stevens Point issued a statement Monday critical of Democratic County Clerk Shirley Simonis’ office for not issuing same sex marriage licenses immediately Monday. She said, “I expect to see Portage County issuing marriage licenses immediately, as counties across the state are issuing licenses today, including Wood and Marathon Counties. It is not only within their legal authority, but it’s also their duty to issue marriage licenses to everyone.”
Simonis was not in the office Monday, but she has previously said she personally favors same sex marriage, and didn’t issue licenses earlier this summer due to the possible legal issues. Her staff followed the advice of Portage County Corporation Counsel Michael McKenna Monday, who told them to wait before issuing the licenses until the 7th Circuit Court of Appeals officially lifts the stay on their own decision.
The 7th Circuit Court of Appeals spokesperson told WSAU they cannot lift the stay in the case until they receive official documentation from the U.S. Supreme Court outlining their actions, or lack of action. He said they expect that documentation to arrive quickly.
Most counties have already begun issuing same sex marriage licenses, but there are still a handful that are waiting for the official clearance from the Appeals Court.