Lawmakers, residents discuss Central Wisconsin groundwater concerns
By Emily Thornton, WAOW-TV (Channel 9)

SARATOGA (WAOW) - State lawmakers met with Central Wisconsin residents in the Town of Saratoga to discuss groundwater concerns.


Water quantity and water quality were the main issues discussed.


“Water knows no boundaries,” Town of Saratoga resident Rhonda Carrell said. “Not town, county or state for that matter and we all have to share that water.”


Residents from several Central Wisconsin counties shared their personal stories and concerns about the water with the lawmakers.


“My husband and I have experienced water issues everywhere that we've lived in the Central Sands,” Carrell said. “I ended up being paralyzed, had to learn how to walk all over again.”


Lawmakers hope the personal stories can help in making a change for the future.


“We've heard from people all over the state about the need for comprehensive public policy that benefits everyone,” Representative Katrina Shankland said. “Water is a basic right, we deserve to have clean water, to have safe water, we deserve to have enough water.”