Violent sex offender removed from Portage Co. home

By Courtney Terlecki, Multimedia Journalist

TOWN OF ALBAN (WAOW) - Sexually violent person Jason Staves was removed from a Portage County home and sent back to a treatment facility after violating the terms of his release.

Staves, a Chippewa County native, was placed in a home in the town of Alban with another sexually violent person just about a year ago.

"We need to stop violent sex offenders being shipped to Portage County from other parts of the state," said State Representative Katrina Shankland.

Staves appeared in Chippewa County court Jan. 9 for violating terms of his release. A judge ruled that he be sent back to the treatment facility indefinitely. The court documents are not public, however the Leader Telegram, a newspaper, reported that Staves was in possession of pornography, a knife and was believed to have stopped taking his medication.

Staves spent about two decades in a treatment facility for sexual assault of a child in the early 90's. He was deemed a sexually violent person, which means he met a certain criteria that includes being dangerous to others, having a mental disorder, and having committed a violent sexual crime.

The Alban community members have continually voiced their concerns over the placement of the violent sex offenders and now their frustrations continue to mount.

"It was just another sick feeling in your stomach," said town of Alban resident Melissa Barden. "It has been a continual year of wondering and worrying."

Barden said they want more answers as to what happened and why they weren't notified of the violation.

"Our biggest questions are how did he get these things? How did he get pornography? How did he get a three inch blade? Where did they come from? Were they brought in? Did he somehow get them?" said Barden. "I think these are questions the community needs answers to."

This isn't the first issue residents have experienced. In July, an error in the GPS monitoring system for one of the offenders sent an alert to residents that the offender was in violation of his monitoring device.

"We have kids we have young people and we're scared for them, we're scared for ourselves," said Barden.

While Staves is gone, another offender still lives there, and residents are worried that they'll just continue to place more offenders at the home.

"Are they going to fill it again?" asked Barden. "That's a strong possibility."

Rep. Shankland said she's been working on legislation so that violent sex offenders can't be placed in other counties outside of where they're from. She said she's continuing that fight.

"We need to make it fair and we need to make sure it doesn't continue to happen," said Rep. Shankland.