WAOW News: State Representatives Tour Cheese Companies 

By Mimi Mitrovic, WAOW News 

Cheese producers throughout Wisconsin held tours for state representatives to see their success first hand.

Biery Cheese was one of six stops on the tour and State Sen. Patrick Testin and State Rep. Katrina Shankland were present.

Both the cheese and dairy industry are important for Wisconsin's economy, according to Rep.Shankland

"If you support our farmers, then buy local," Shankland said.

Sen.Testin presented Biery Cheese a certificate of success awarded from Gov. Scott Walker.

Wisconsin is one of the top contributes of cheese in the world, Testin said. He said that the tradition needs to be continued into future generations.

"We need to figure what we can do to get young people take up interest in agriculture," Testin said.

The dairy industry in Wisconsin is worth $43.4 billion. Cheese was recently named the official dairy product of Wisconsin.