Second violent sex offender to be placed in Town of Alban

By Courtney Terlecki, WAOW News

TOWN OF ALBAN (WAOW) - A second sexually violent person will be placed in rural Portage County. A judge in Chippewa County made the decision Friday to place Jason Staves in a home in the Town of Alban.

Staves will be living in the same home as violent sex offender Peter Yogerst who was placed there earlier this year.

To be considered a violent sexual offender, Yogerst and Staves needed to meet a specific set of criteria that includes being dangerous to others, having a mental disorder, and having committed a violent sexual crime.

The community had voiced their concerns with the location when Yogerst was placed because it's across the street from a community room used frequently by families.

Representative Katrina Shankland and Portage County District Attorney Louis Molepske, Jr. testified in Chippewa County Court against the placement of Staves in the Town of Alban, however the judge approved it.

“While I’m disappointed with the placement of this offender outside of Chippewa County, I’m happy that the judge specifically listened to my and Rep. Shankland’s testimony requesting additional placement requirements,” said District Attorney Molepske in a statement. “I will continue to work with Rep. Shankland and other legislators to amend the law so that this process does not happen again.”

However, the judge ordered that the state continue to try and find housing for Staves in Chippewa County. He'll also be required to have a chaperone during any functions in the community room across the street.

“I was glad to have the opportunity to advocate for the people of Portage County by testifying in court today,” said Rep. Shankland in a statement. “Judge Cray’s ruling today was disappointing, but I am pleased that we were able to get new conditions set for the placement, and I hold out hope that the state will succeed in finding a residence for Jason Staves in Chippewa County. In the meantime, I will continue to work on legislation to address the shortcomings in Wisconsin law relating to SVP placement.”

No details have been released on when Staves will move in to the residence.