Rep. Shankland Introduces 12 Month Contraceptive Care Act

By Logan Wenger, WSAU News

MADISON, WI (WSAU) -- State Representative Katrina Shankland (D-Stevens Point) and Senator LaTonya Johnson (D-Milwaukee) have introduced the 12 Month Contraceptive Care Act. Under the act, women could get their birth control prescriptions filled for a 12 month period rather than 1 or 3 months now.

Rep. Shankland says consistency is key when it comes to contraceptives.

Shankland said, "Research has shown that dispensing a 12 month supply of birth control at one time reduces the odds of unintended pregnancy by 30% and it reduces abortion rates by 46%."

Rep. Shankland also says there's no real medical reason why a woman should not be given a 12 month supply of birth control at a time.

"Whether they're traveling for work. Maybe they're handling multiple jobs and child care responsibilities. For many women it's just a very difficult barrier in order to get the contraception on time every month," she said.

Rep. Shankland says under the act women will not be able to get a 12 month supply right away. They will first be given the 3 month supply to be safe and make sure that no changes are needed. After that they would be able to fill their year old prescriptions.

Shankland says that 7 other states have this law already and 10 have some form of the law. She says the bill is still looking for co-sponsors and she's hoping it will find bipartisan support because the bill does not cost anything or really burden anyone.