Portage Co. officials seek change after violent sexual offender placement

By Courtney Terlecki, WAOW News

TOWN OF ALBAN (WAOW) - Portage County officials are seeking change after a second violent sex offender was placed in the town of Alban.

A Chippewa County judge ruled on putting Jason Staves in rural Portage County Friday.

The Portage County DA and Representative Katrina Shankland testified at the court hearing because the home is close to a community center.

"He didn't commit his crimes here, he didn't live here, and that's one of the reasons why Representative. Shankland is looking at changing the law, and i support that," said Portage County DA Louis Molepske. "The people should be placed in the county where they committed their crimes. This is very difficult on the people of the town of Alban."

The judge ordered that the state continue to try and find housing for Staves in Chippewa County. He'll also be required to have a chaperone during any functions in the community room across the street.

Staves will be living with another violent sex offender, Peter Yogerst who is from Washington County.

To be considered a violent sexual offender, Yogerst and Staves needed to meet a specific set of criteria that includes being dangerous to others, having a mental disorder, and having committed a violent sexual crime.

The community had voiced their concerns with the location when Yogerst was placed because it's across the street from a community room used frequently by families.