Governor Walker reacts to special election in Wisconsin

By Courtney Terlecki, Multimedia Journalist

WAUSAU (WAOW) - Governor Scott Walker spoke out Wednesday afternoon after a big win for Democrats in the state senate.

Democrat Patty Schachtner won the special election in Northwest Wisconsin Tuesday, taking District 10, a seat that been held by a Republican since 2001.

Governor Walker stopped in Wausau Wednesday afternoon where he answered questions about what the win could mean for the state in this upcoming election.

"It's a wake up call, it's a wake up call that we can't presume everyone knows about the extremely positive things that we've done for the people of Wisconsin," said Governor Walker.

While Governor Walker said a lot has been accomplished in his time as Governor, Democrats disagree on whether the legislation passed is best for everyone.

"If you look at the type of legislation being passed in Wisconsin you can actually see that it's based entirely on one party," said Representative Katrina Shankland.

Governor Walker said he believes people voted Democrat because they are frustrated with the lack of action in Washington.