Gov. Walker issues new proposal for transportation funding

By Maria Szatkowski, WSAW News 

STEVENS POINT, Wis. (WSAW) -- The Wisconsin State budget has expired and the state Legislature still seems to be a ways away from passing a new budget.

Thursday, Gov. Walker proposed another way to try to break the impasse over transportation funding-- which has held up the budget process for weeks. But already, that plan is facing criticism.

Representative Katrina Shankland said Walker's new proposal is going to continue the budget impasse, because it doesn't solve the problem.

Gov. Walker wants to ask the federal government for 10 times more than Wisconsin would normally get for transportation funding and borrow less money.

But already, some republicans are skeptical and democrats are dismissing the plan. Representative Shankland, who serves on the joint finance committee, said Walker is relying on “fantasy budgeting”.

“What I'd like to see happen instead, is all of us get in a room, the members of the joint finance committee, sit down and talk about real proposals that'll solve the transportation deficit and put us on a sound fiscal path while making sure our roads and bridges are safe, and that our local roads are well maintained,” she said.

In the new proposal, Gov. Walker said he wants to “Pass a strong and safe transportation budget without a gas tax or vehicle fee increase”.