Molepske sworn in

By Kris Leonhardt

STEVENS POINT – Portage County’s newest judge, Louis J. Molepske, Jr., was sworn in during a public judicial investiture ceremony, held in Portage County Courthouse Branch No. 2 on July 22.

The ceremony was presided over by Portage County Branch No. 3 Judge Thomas T. Flugaur.

Portage County District Attorney Cass Cousins stated that “Louis is someone that sees the potential in other people and does everything he can to help cultivate it. I’ve seen this time and time again over the years on how he relates to others and it is something I have directly experienced myself.”

“Louis’ dedication and passion for our community shines brightly, when he offers his wisdom and insights to those who have come after him,” Assembly District 71 Representative Katrina Shankland added.

“Most notably, Louis has always been fair and honest. He is the person I’ve trusted the most to offer guidance when I call with a question. Knowing that he will be both fair minded and apropos when offering advice or answers; there is nothing more valuable, truly, then a friend and mentor who will always be frank and sincere, who will tell you not just the right answer, but the one that can sometimes be the toughest.

“Louis’s public service over the past several decades is inspiring to me. I know that when he had chosen to put his name on the ballot, it was never to see his name next to a new title or see how many votes he could get. It was always for one key role – to serve the community, to better the community, to improve the community, and serve the community with his talents, his intelligence, his diligence, service to the public. I think that he believes that government exists to improve people’s lives and to ensure a steady hand at liberty and justice for all”

Portage County Assistant District Attorney Robert Jambois stated that Molepske created a collaborative atmosphere in the DA’s office and made multiple improvements, including: advancing software, ushering in the use of CCAP in the county, and creating a diversion program.

“We give people the opportunity to avoid a criminal conviction…and that was Louis Molepske that brought about the diversion program in the county. It requires a lot of administrative skill; it requires a lot of management skill to bring that about,” he said.

“Because of that, I think there have been over 600 people that have gone through the diversion program in this community and as a consequence, they don’t have a criminal conviction; they’ve been able to benefit from this diversion program.”

The Oath of Office was provided by Louis’ father, attorney, Louis Molepske, and his robe was presented by his wife, Raquel Molepske.