Public outcry leads to changes in sex offenders release

By Adriana Daniel

STEVENS POINT, Wi. (WAOW)-- Public outcry leads to changes of a sex offender's conditions of release.

Convicted sex offender Cody J. Patterson is set to be released from prison on Tuesday.

Patterson had denied housing offered by the Department of Corrections and intended to live on the streets in Stevens Point.

That decision sparked outrage amongst residents.

City and state leaders worked together to ensure Patterson would be living in some form of housing upon his release.

On Friday, the Stevens Point Police Department announced Patterson is required to live in a transition home on Water Street to be released.

Representative Katrina Shankland said the public has a right to know where Patterson would be.

"As it relates to this person being housed, we wanted to make sure people knew that address and that person was at that address.. and that there was GPS monitoring at all times," said Shankland.

If Patterson refuses to live in that home he will not be released.

He's also required to lifetime GPS monitoring and can not have unsupervised contact with minors. 

Patterson has been convicted of several crimes involving children, including the sexual assault of teens.