Wisconsin politicians react to Roe v. Wade being overturned by U.S. Supreme Court

By Ben Zitouni, WAOW

(WAOW)-- Wisconsin politicians and those running for political office on both sides of the political aisle are reacting to the U.S. Supreme Court overturning Roe v. Wade.

Mandela Barnes @TheOtherMandela

The Supreme Court just struck down Roe v. Wade. There is no reason to put women in danger and take us back in time. Congress needs to act now, enough wasting time.

Rebecca Kleefisch @RebeccaforReal

A victory for unborn babies!

Alex Lasry @AlexLasryWI

Today will be remembered as one of the darkest days in the history of SCOTUS—women will die as a result of this destructive decision by these Trumpian justices.

Tom Nelson @NelsonforWI

Today the Supreme Court’s extremist majority showed its true colors — trading away basic rights and freedoms for a backwards, dystopian vision that the majority of Americans DON’T want.

Sarah Godlewski, candidate for U.S. Senate released the following statement;

“Today, millions of women and families in Wisconsin and across America are waking up to this devastating news: we no longer have the right to make our own health care decisions. It’s time to act, to mobilize, and to take back our rights and freedoms. Ron Johnson and the Republicans won’t stop until abortion is banned, doctors are criminalized, and women are punished in every corner of America. This is personal for me, I do not want my generation or the next generation to have fewer rights. When I’m elected to the Senate, reproductive freedom will be a priority not an afterthought.”

Congressman Ron Kind released the following statement: "For nearly half a century, women have been able to make personal decisions about their reproductive health, their lives, and their futures without interference from the government. Removing this fundamental right will have devastating consequences for women and families across the nation. Today's decision to overturn Roe v. Wade means that millions of women will be living with fewer freedoms than their mothers and grandmothers, and puts every American's right to privacy on shaky ground. We can't go backwards. Last year I voted to codify Roe v. Wade and the Senate must act with urgency to do the same.”

Senator Ron Johnson released this statement:  “Today is a victory for life and for those who have fought for decades to protect the unborn. For almost fifty years the decision of nine unelected Justices have prevented a democratically derived consensus on the profound moral issue of abortion to be formed.  This decision will now allow that democratic process to unfold in each state to determine at what point does society have the responsibility to protect life.  Hopefully, the debate will be conducted with sincerity, compassion, and respect for the broad range of views that people hold.”

Congressman Tom Tiffany released a statement: “Today’s landmark ruling is a historic victory for human rights,” said Congressman Tiffany. “This decision paves the way for us to protect all life.”

Congressional candidate Derrick Van Orden released this statement: “I believe that every child is a child of God, and today's decision is a major milestone for the sanctity of life."

Senator Tammy Baldwin also released a statement: “An activist majority of the Supreme Court has overturned Roe and nearly 50 years of precedent, taking away the constitutional rights of American women to make their own personal choices about their body, their health, and their family. Republicans have taken Wisconsin women back to 1849 and it is Republicans who want to keep us there with support for having politicians interfere in the freedoms of women who will now have fewer rights than their mothers and grandmothers have had for decades. I ask people to join this fight with their voices and their votes because we will not be taken back, we will move forward.”

State Officials

State Senator Patrick Testin: “After nearly fifty years and over 63 million lives lost to abortion, the U.S. Supreme Court has finally turned the page on a sad chapter in American history. Abortion is not health care; it is not birth control. It is the taking of a human life. I will do my part to ensure that Wisconsin values and affirms life at all stages.”

Representative Katrina Shankland:

“I’m furious with the Supreme Court’s disastrous decision to overturn Roe v. Wade, which seizes our right to make decisions for ourselves and our right to privacy. The majority of Wisconsinites and Americans support legal access to abortion – that’s a fact. Today’s decision flies in the face of that majority support, setting a dangerous new precedent that erodes people’s rights to bodily autonomy and determination of their futures. “Wisconsin’s state statutes include a criminal abortion ban from 1849, which could jail doctors and nurses for providing abortions. Just two days ago, the State Legislature had the opportunity to meet in a special session called by the governor to repeal this law. Unfortunately, Republican leadership wouldn’t even let us debate the bill, instead choosing to gavel the special session in and out within mere seconds. While I came to the Capitol eager to vote to repeal Wisconsin’s criminal abortion law, I’m terribly disappointed that my colleagues across the aisle couldn’t meet the moment in the way their constituents demanded. Every legislator must tell their constituents where they stand – do they support Wisconsin’s law to jail medical professionals who provide an abortion to someone who needs it? I’m a coauthor of legislation to repeal our state’s criminal abortion ban, and I will continue to work to pass this bill so we can guarantee our right to choose. “What does the Supreme Court ruling mean for Wisconsin moving forward? Most likely, the courts will have to decide whether and how our pre-Roe ban could be enforced, based on years of case law that have transpired since the 1849 ban was first enacted. The Legislature can and should act immediately to repeal this law. “Everyone deserves the freedom to determine their futures and the rights to agency and privacy when making medical decisions. Everyone also deserves to make the choices that are right for themselves and their families about whether or when to have a child, and they deserve to be able to raise their family in a safe and healthy environment. Being able to make personal decisions about our bodies is central to every person’s liberty. “The fight for our reproductive freedoms is far from over. I stand with the majority of people in our state and our country who support our right to make decisions for ourselves, and who are grieving for the loss of our collective rights today. While this decision is deeply disheartening and will no doubt inspire anger, fear, and sadness in many people, I want you to know that I stand with you and will not stop fighting for our rights. We will not go back.”

State Senator Janet Bewley: “Today’s U.S. Supreme Court decision is heartbreaking, but unfortunately expected. The conservatives on the Supreme Court have overturned 50 years of precedent. For years they complained about judicial activism, well now we know it was nothing but a smokescreen to get to their desired results, results that are opposed by the overwhelming majority of this nation’s citizens.   A sad day, and a harbinger of what might be in store in the future. What is next?  The right to marry?  The right to contraceptives?”