Local representatives work to update state’s educational goals Legislation to require instruction on Hmong American, APIDA experience

MADISON – On May 6, a bipartisan group of legislators including Rep. Patrick Snyder (R- Wausau), Rep. Francesca Hong (D- Madison), Rep. Katrina Shankland (D- Stevens Point), Rep. Ron. Tusler (R- Harrison), and Sen. Eric Wimberger (R- Green Bay) introduced legislation to update the state’s statutory educational goals to require, “at all grade levels, an understanding of human relations, particularly with regard to…Hmong Americans and American Pacific Islander Desi Americans (APIDA).”

“Wisconsin is home to the third largest population of Hmong Americans of any state, and both our Hmong American and APIDA populations have grown significantly since 2000. This legislation is an important step towards increasing education and awareness about these important communities,” Snyder stated.

“The stories and experiences of these vast and diverse demographics are intrinsically linked with the story of Wisconsin, and this bill will help us ensure that is reflected in our classrooms. Hmong American and APIDA lives, cultures, and contributions to our state, nation, and local communities deserve this attention, commemoration, and respect,” Hong added.

Rep. Katrina Shankland said that the legislation was timely, as it coincides with Hmong Heritage Month and beginning of APIDA Heritage Month and will “ensure that the experiences of Hmong Americans and Asian Pacific Islander Desi Americans are given the attention they deserve in our public schools. This bill will enrich students’ education and lives.”