Capitol Update

In this update you will find information regarding Assembly Bill 1, comments from the Health Committee Public Hearing along with my Press Release regarding the Governor's State of the State Address.

Health Committee
Nine invited speakers gave testimony at the Health Committee Public Hearing on Thursday.  Our goal of this Hearing was to gather information in order to examine the process so that every Wisconsinite that wants the vaccine can get it as quickly as possible.  With two vaccines already approved and three in progress, the supply should increase in the near future to assist with vaccine distribution.  The bureaucracy should be as efficient as possible, getting needles into arms quickly to reach herd immunity.  We also need regulatory flexibility to increase the vaccination rate. 

Press Release

Assembly Bill 1

Unfortunately since my last update the Senate made changes to Assembly Bill 1.  These changes include removing the language that:

  • Prohibits the closure of Churches by Local Public Health Officers
  • Prohibits Public Health Officers and DHS from mandating the Covid-19 Vaccine
  • Prohibits mandatory Covid-19 Vaccination for Employment

I was critically disappointed in this move by the State Senate and hope that the State Legislature can agree on a Bill to send to the Governor for Covid relief.  The closing of places of worship and mandatory vaccinations are a deal breaker for me. 

Thank you

I would like to thank everyone for their kind and thoughtful expressions of sympathy in the death of my Mother.  She was 91 and certainly prepared to meet her Maker but the loss is always sad.