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In this edition, I provide an update from the Assembly floor, the Assembly Committee on Transportation, supporting law enforcement, remembering the Holocaust, and upcoming events in the 69th Assembly District.

Floor Session

The Assembly was in floor session on Tuesday.  To view a full calendar of bills and resolutions passed, click here

I rose to speak in favor of two bills, AB 675 and AB 831.  AB 675 allows an individual to provide proof of natural immunity to Covid-19 in lieu of proof of vaccination or test.  As a nurse, I saw first hand how natural immunity protected individuals from reinfection from communicable diseases.  

AB 831 allocated federal American Rescue Plan Act (ARPA) funds for a law enforcement marketing campaign.  If you would like to view my speech, click here.


Representative Rozar speaks in favor of Assembly Bill 831.

Committee on Transportation

On Thursday, the Committee on Transportation held an executive session on two bills.  Listed below are the bills, their title, and the action taken by the Committee.  If you would like to learn more about a particular bill, click on the bill number.

  • SB 508 - Relating to warning lamps on highway vehicles.
    • The Committee unanimously recommended for concurrence.
  • AB 581 - Relating to motor vehicle dealer and wholesaler facilities and licensure requirements, certain registration plates issued to motor vehicle dealers, distributors, or manufacturers, and creating and modifying administrative rules.
    • Recommended for passage by the Committee, I voted in favor.
Testimony on AB 820

On Wednesday I testified in favor of AB 820 alongside Representative Loudenbeck in the Assembly Committee on Substance Abuse and Prevention.  This Bill updates statute allocating funding for the Mike Johnson life care and early intervention service grant.  The update ensures only AIDS service organizations receive grant funding, and funds are able to be used for preventative services for those at high risk of contracting HIV.   

Testimony on AB 689

On Wednesday I testified in favor of AB 689 in the Assembly Committee on State Affairs.  This Bill allows nonprofit institutions to use grant funding from the Wisconsin Health and Educational Facilities Authority (WHEFA) for working capital needs.  It is imperative in the current business climate to ensure nonprofits have access to every tool available to keep their doors open and services available. 

This week, the Assembly passed a package of bills supporting our law enforcement officers.  This package allocates a total of $25 million of federal ARPA funds to recruit, retain, train, support, and equip law enforcement departments.  There is no doubt how timely this came as a third law enforcement officer was shot in Milwaukee, all in the last two weeks.  It is important for our officers to know we have their back while they protect our communities. 

Assembly Honors Late Deputy LaVonne Zenner

Along with the law enforcement package, the Assembly passed SB 507, designating the Deputy LaVonne Zenner Memorial Bridge in the town of Cameron.  While en route to a training exercise for the Wood County Sheriff's Department, Deputy Zenner was tragically killed in a vehicle accident, while in uniform, on August 3, 1989.  She was survived by her husband, daughter, and son.  SB 507 awaits signing by Governor Evers.

Assembly Passes Law Enforcement Marketing Campaign

As a part of the law enforcement package, the Assembly passed a bill I authored, AB 831, creating a law enforcement marketing campaign.  This bill allocates $1 million in federal ARPA funds to the Department of Justice and the Wisconsin Economic Development Corporation to spend on an advertising campaign recruiting law enforcement officers to Wisconsin.  This campaign will assist local governments who are struggling to fill positions, ensuring our communities remain safe.

Fenwood Watershed

This week, I introduced a Bill with Sen. Bernier to create the Fenwood Creek watershed pilot program.  This program expands upon Marathon County's Fenwood Creek pilot program, in efforts to reduce phosphorus and sediment runoff by 60-90% per farm.  With continued success, this program will become the blueprint to reducing phosphorus and sediment runoff in watersheds across the state.  Additionally, farms that reach superior levels of phosphorus reduction receive higher payouts, up to $40 per acre.  I will continue to provide updates on this Bill as it progresses through the Legislature.    

Thursday was Holocaust Remembrance Day, when we collectively acknowledge one of the most horrific atrocities of the 20th Century.  6 million Jews and 11 million individuals of various other groups were systematically murdered in an attempt to ethnically cleanse the population of the Third Reich.  Please join me in honoring those who suffered and died during this time and may we continue to vow to Never Forget! 

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