Happy Monday, and welcome to my second-to-last e-update for the session. We are nearing April 15th, when legislators legally have to limit our mass communications during election season. STAY TUNED for a District Day recap in our final issue next week. It's going to be quite the grand finale.

Don't Forget to Vote Tomorrow

Tomorrow is Spring Election Day for school board candidates, some judges and supervisor positions, and other offices. DON'T FORGET TO VOTE! Get voting info here.

PASSED - Teaching our Students to Remember 9/11

The Governor signed our bill last week making September 11th a Special Observance Day in Wisconsin schools! Under this bill, Sept. 11, 2001 will be recognized in schools, whether that be through a lesson, storytelling, or even just mentioned in the morning announcements. We must make sure that our young people, who were not alive during this event, understand how this day shaped us as a nation.

I am proud of our own School District of Altoona, Dr. Heidi Eliopoulos who came up with this idea for legislation. This is why I do what I do! The best ideas come from all of you, our Wisconsin residents who I am proud to serve. I love being one of the voices of the Chippewa Valley, I will continue to carry your voice to Madison. Thank you to Senator Julian Bradley for his help and support in getting this legislation through.

CESA (Cooperative Educational Service Agency) 10 Meeting

Friday morning I met with our local area school district superintendents, in-person and on zoom. Discussion took place about the funding formula, “furries”, teacher hiring and retention, and the issues impacting us at the local level. We have an obligation to protect our children and to look out for their best interests. This is something I am all about, #fightingforourfuture. It is about our kiddos!


Chippewa Valley VFW Vietnam War Veterans Day

I love hanging with all of my fellow veteran sisters and brothers. We honor those who gave the ultimate sacrifice…their life for all of us.

I am going to work with Rep. JimmyBoy Edming, our Chippewa Valley legislators, and our veterans in the legislature to get Highway 8 named the War on Terror Highway. I want to thank our former Senator Dave Zien for bringing this idea to the forefront. We will do our due diligence to see this project completed.

Last year the Military and Veteran Affairs committee in both chambers worked to honor our fellow Hmong-Lao Americans for their service and fighting alongside us in Vietnam. The Governor signed our bill to recognize these fellow warriors, which gives them their own veteran's special day of observance, May 14.

Read WQOW's coverage of this event and hear some of these men's stories here.



Honoring Lt. Dave Bebeau for his years of service to the Chippewa Falls Police Department and beyond. Over 26 years of serving in law enforcement, serving his community, and serving you and your family. Take some time for yourself now, you deserve it, Dave.

It is such an honor being in law enforcement and serving with so many great women and men. I am blessed to be able to recognize our public safety officials who serve 24/7/365. As always, BE SAFE!


Great talking to Zachary Joyce, a Marine, who is serving our country, and serves as a Chippewa Falls PD officer as well. He is going to be deployed for a year, but was able to attend the annual PD meeting via Zoom. Thank you for your service!



I loved attending this trivia event last Thursday at the Chippewa Valley Technical College. I was told we may have a future legislator competition, I would love this. I met some great Chippewa Valley High School students from Augusta, River Falls, Alma Center-Humbird-Merrillan, Black River Falls, Mondovi, and Bloomer. Thank you to Westconsin and CCU credit unions for supporting financial literacy in our schools. 

Congrats to Bloomer and Black River Falls on going to State. I have to admit there were some questions asked that I did not know the answers to. Very educational and informative. 


FBLA Pancake Breakfast with O-W Vets Club

Met up with Mr. Caleb Green, a 24-year-old Future Business Leaders of America teacher in the Owen-Withee School District. He said he became a teacher because of his life being influenced by teachers in Stanley. He told me, “Kids make it worthwhile and impacting them for their future overall is rewarding.”

The students did a great job serving me, and the pancakes were delicious, as it has been a while since I had some.


OWACC Business Expo

I was able to talk with so many people at the Owen-Withee Area Chamber of Commerce Business Expo. Lots of great booths and some fun prizes - who can’t use gas cards right now? I heard there were over 160 people in attendance from 12 different zip codes.

I talked with one of the newest Owen-Withee-Curtiss firefighters, Dustin Schoessow. He chose this profession because of his grandpa who had 39 years in the fire industry. I was able to visit many vendors, business owners, and friends from the community. I listened to a presentation about the history of Owen.


Colfax Railroad Museum

Met with Herb Sakalaucks, who runs and maintains the Colfax Railroad Museum, as well as being its Secretary and Treasurer. This place will be great to visit when it gets warmer out. This museum has the world’s largest dining cart china collection, with over 2,000 pieces on display (and over 3,000 pieces on hand). I told Herb he should reach out to the Guinness Book of World Records about this collection.

The picture of the lone plate here actually came from an uncle of Frank and Jesse James.

The oldest railroad mail car (1885) is here in Colfax, a dog named Owney, (pictured in photo of stamps below) would ride these cars and jump to and from each mail car along the national route.

DID YOU KNOW? Before kerosene, do you know what they used for lantern oil? Whale oil.

I met with Herb today to discuss the need for them to have an overhead shelter for the additional railcars they have on display. It was a great tour, and a hidden gem near district that I did not even know about.


Drug Takeback Day

One of the best ways to combat the opioid crisis is to encourage the community to get rid of opioids and prescription drugs in the home, which prevents drug abuse.  The photo below is a drug deposit box at the Chippewa Falls Police Department. Find a drop box near you, or participate in the next National Prescription Drug Take Back Day, happening April 30, 2022, from 10am-2pm. 



 Wisconsin News:

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I hope this information is helpful. If there is anything I can ever do, please do not hesitate to reach out. 




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