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Rep. Summerfield Celebrates State Budget Passing the Assembly


MADISON – State Representative Rob Summerfield (R-Bloomer) voted to approve the state’s biennial budget. The budget, which passed with bipartisan support, increased spending on transportation and healthcare programs as well as broadband, K-12 and higher education, and natural resources.


“This budget is a win for the people of Wisconsin,” said Rep. Summerfield. “It invests in the needs of Wisconsinites in a way that is fiscally responsible and looks out for our future. This budget will deliver results and help move Wisconsin forward.”


The investments into healthcare include nearly $100 million General Purpose Revenue (GPR) for nursing home reimbursement rates, $40 million GPR in funding over the biennium for Direct Caregivers in Family Care, $31 million GPR increased funding for Personal Care Workers over the biennium, $40 million GPR over the biennium in Disproportionate Share Hospital (DSH) payments, and a 40% increase in the dental reimbursement rate.


Investments into transportation include a long-term revenue increase, providing roughly $300 million GPR into the Transportation Fund. Additionally, the budget includes a fix for rural towns to help them receive nearly all of their general transportation aids without losing state aid because they haven’t raised property taxes or are low spenders, and a one-time funding of $100 million for local government project costs eligible under the local roads improvement program.


The Legislature’s budget also includes a $3.4 billion tax cut. The Governor’s proposed budget raised taxes by $1 billion.


“This tax cut is possible because of smart Republican policies and budgeting over the past 10 years,” Rep. Summerfield stated. “This is not the time to be raising taxes. We need to invest in our priorities in a fiscally responsible manner that is forward-thinking. That is what this budget does. This is a solid budget, and I’m proud to have voted for it.”


The budget now heads to the State Senate for their approval before heading to Governor Evers for a final signature.