Rep. Summerfield Statement on TV White Space

Resolution Aims to Increase Internet Access for Rural Wisconsinites

MADISON- Today, in a move to tackle the growing issue of broadband access and expansion, legislators representing areas throughout Wisconsin came together to announce the introduction of a Joint Resolution to Support TV White Space. Following the resolution’s introduction, Rep. Rob Summerfield (R-Bloomer) issued the following statement:

“As a legislator representing an outstate area of Wisconsin, I regularly hear from individuals in my community about their issues getting adequate internet. Broadband access and expansion is crucial to education, tourism, business, the economy, and much more. Internet is no longer a casual commodity, it’s a necessity for most individuals’ everyday lives.

TV white space has the potential to be a truly transformative technology for Wisconsinites throughout the state; as it can provide faster internet speeds and travel through rugged terrain most signals cannot handle. While this is by no means a ‘silver bullet’ for all of our broadband needs, it’s a great tool to add to the range of options available to fix this problem.”

Click the following link for a video clip from today’s announcement:


The 67th Assembly District includes portions of Dunn and Chippewa counties.