"Instead of meeting Wisconsin's needs, Republicans embraced partisanship" Throughout my time in political office, my priority has been to ensure that government acts as a force for good. I firmly believe that elected officials must always prioritize addressing the needs of the people they represent.


"We need action at all levels to tackle climate change" The climate crisis has not been a stranger in Wisconsin in recent years. While we’ve enjoyed our four beautiful seasons, we have also seen increasingly severe temperature swings and weather events across the state.
"We must Build Back Better" This summer was a challenging one, as Wisconsin contended with one of the hottest seasons on record, severe weather, and the rise of the Delta variant in the ongoing pandemic. For many across our country, it was also a wakeup call.
"JFC Dems: GOP is costing Wisconsinites billions" For Wisconsin’s legislative Republicans, missed opportunities and inaction are nothing new. In 2020, while Wisconsin families, schools and small businesses struggled under the impact of COVID-19, the Wisconsin GOP sat on their hands and said there was nothing the state could do to help.
"A budget Wisconsinites want" After a year of uncertainty and hardship, our state needs bold policies to help families, communities and small businesses bounce back better than before the COVID-19 pandemic
"Let's move forward, together" This week, after two deeply tumultuous weeks, Joseph Biden and Kamala Harris were sworn in as the President and Vice President of the United States. The last two weeks, much less the last year, or even the last four years, have been an incredibly challenging time in the collective American story.


"Reflecting on 2020" As we near the end of the year, I am reflecting on all that has happened over the past twelve months. It has been a challenging year for all of us, some more than others. Far too many people are struggling to make ends meet. Many members of our community have lost loved ones and friends.
"I'm queer and I'm talking about it" About a year ago, I attended Pride in Racine. I was really looking forward to it — to gathering with our community in celebration of how far LGBTQ+ rights have come and talking about the work we have ahead of us.
"Working to help our community weather this storm" It is hard to believe it has been two months since COVID-19 began to spread in Wisconsin — it often feels like we have been fighting to flatten the curve for much longer.
"Vote Yes on RUSD referendum" As you’re sorting through your mail while reading The Journal Times this morning, you may find that your absentee ballot has arrived.


"Reflecting on 2019" As many of you know, I am a big believer in taking a breath and reflecting on the work that has been done at the end of each year.
"Let's move forward, together, on climate in Wisconsin" As a state legislator, I make it a point to visit schools throughout my district to speak with students about government and the issues that are important to them.
"We can't wait to take action on gun safety" Here in Wisconsin, guns are a large part of our sporting heritage, especially as we enter fall hunting season.
"Gerrymandering decision" Last week, the Supreme Court of the United States released the decision in Rucho v. Common Cause, a case addressing the issue of partisan gerrymandering.
"Why we're fighting so hard on the Medicaid expansion" Last Thursday, dozens of people gathered in a park pavilion in Burlington to talk about health care. We traveled from across the state, driving up to two hours, to fill out a stack of “permission slips” — one for each member of the Legislature who refuses to support the overwhelmingly popular. . .
"Healthy mothers, health babies" In Racine, we take care of each other. We look out for our neighbors and the kids on our block. We know that every child deserves to grow up safe, warm, healthy, and loved. But some families are slipping through the cracks.
"New year, fresh start" It’s a new year in Wisconsin! I’ve always loved this time of year and the opportunity to reflect and make plans for the year to come.


"We can't solve an issue if we don't talk about it" There are a whole lot of reasons why I love Racine, but near the top of the list is our willingness to get together and talk about the issues we face.
"Common-sense gun control measures" Here in Wisconsin, guns and hunting are a large part of our traditions and sporting heritage.
"What Paul Ryan doesn't know" There’s something that Paul Ryan doesn’t know. It is a feeling felt by hundreds of thousands of people living in our neighborhoods, right here in America — the feeling that they could be taken from their homes and sent to a country they do not know. These are the Dreamers.