Friends and Neighbors, 

I hope everyone is staying safe and healthy. I know it’s been awhile since I sent you an update. I haven’t because Wisconsin has an ethics law which does not allow a Legislator or Senator send out more than 49 pieces of identical mail during an election year.

I’m honored to be returning to represent Kenosha for another term in the State Assembly. It’s been one very tough year for our community and nation. As we continue to rebuild our community and speak for justice, I know many remain angry, hurt, and fearful. Our work in addressing the serious injustices in our state is not over and I will work to make sure the Legislature makes it a priority during the 2020-21 session, which will begin in January.

I always welcome your feedback and opinions, so please feel free to contact me. Also, if you would like something to be included in future e-newsletters, just let me know at (608) 266-0455 or




Unemployment Assistance

I understand there are serious issues with the unemployment system here in Wisconsin. No one should have to wait months to receive their payments or wait hours upon hours on hold in attempt to reach the assistance line. It’s important Wisconsinites are able to use this critical program when they need it most.

If you or someone you know is struggling to get their unemployment payments, my staff is able to help. Please call my office at 608-266-0455 or email My office will be sure to send your claim directly to the Department of Workforce Development.


Wisconsin is headed into a very dangerous winter and fall with cases continuing to climb drastically. We need to take this seriously: wear a mask, social distance, stay at home, and wash your hands more frequently. I know a lot of people are having a difficult time not being able to spend times with family and friends. It’s hard on all of us, but it’s what we must do if we are going to beat this virus.

If you are struggling during this time with drugs, alcohol, or depression please call my office and my staff will be able to direct you to professional help and resources that may help.

COVID-19 Relief Legislation

It’s been over 7 months since Speaker Vos has called the Legislature back to vote on COVID-19 relief for struggling Wisconsinites. Our state’s full-time legislative body has been the least active in the country since states began taking measures to combat the pandemic. This is not acceptable. I am disappointed beyond belief in the majority party refusal to debate on COVID-19 relief for Wisconsinites.

After months and months of the majority party claiming they are working on legislative proposals to slow the spread of COVID-19, Speaker Vos just last week held a press conference where he said his party has no bills drafted, rather recommendations. I’ve had many conversations with those in our community who are struggling to pay rent, put food on the table, and care for their family. I don’t believe a list of recommendations is going to help my constituents, Mr. Speaker. I demand action now.

Last week Governor Evers announced legislation for a second COVID-19 relief bill for Wisconsinites. From improving access to health care while reducing costs to protecting our state’s families and recovering our economy, I am very pleased with the Governor’s proposals. Majority leaders met with Governor Evers last week Friday regarding his relief package. It’s not yet clear if a consensus was made, but I sure am hoping for the sake of my community.

Upcoming Biennial State Budget

Last week, I met with Governor Evers to discuss my suggestions and requests for the upcoming state budget. Governor Evers knows our city, our delegation, and our local leaders well. He seemed very receptive as I advocated on the investments we need, the challenges, we face, and the innovative approaches we are pursuing. The next budget process will not be easy given the many needs presented as a result of the pandemic.  

KUSD Virtual

The Kenosha Unified School District Board voted to move classes to 100 percent virtual instruction due to the rising cases of COVID-19. This will be held November 30th – January 8th, with winter sports also suspended through January 3rd.

KUSD is offering free breakfast and lunch daily when students are virtual. Daily pick-up is from 10am-1:30pm, starting on November 30th. Below are the locations:

  • Bradford High School, 3700 Washington Rd., Door 5
  • KTEC West, 5710 32nd, Door 13
  • Lance Middle School, 4515 80th, Door 13
  • Lincoln Middle School, 6900 60th, Door 6
  • Reuther High School 913 57th, North Door (facing civic park)
  • Tremper High School, 8560 26th, Door 2
  • Washington Middle School, 811 Washington Rd., Door 13
In the Community 

Shalom Food Drive

Thank you to my County Board Supervisor, Edward Kubicki and is wife Mary, for hosting their 15th Annual Food Drive for the Shalom Center. It was a great collection for those in need throughout our community: over 1,700 food items and over $500.00 in donations. Thank you to all who donated and helped out.

Captain Mike’s Pub Thanksgiving Dinner

This bar is located at 5118 Sixth Avenue in Downtown, but has expanded its operations to include a food truck, called The Galley. This year, the owners, Jeanette and Michael Kelly wanted to do something to help those in need in our community this year. The food truck has just been completed and they thought they would put it to good use on Thanksgiving Day.

The Galley Giving even will consist of a FREE Thanksgiving Dinner which will be served from the new food truck. This even will be held Thursday, November 26 from 11am-1pm at Library Park, 6039-6063 Eighth Avenue. Please remember your mask and social distancing if you plan on attending. Thank you so much, Jeanette and Michael!

COVID-19 Testing

The Kenosha Fire Department will be offering free COVID-19 testing every Wednesday and Friday for the rest of the year. This will be located at Fire Station No. 3, from 12 to 6pm. This testing site is in addition to the testing Modern Apothecary is offering.

Updates on COVID-19 in Wisconsin

Every week, I try to get on Channel 19 and discuss the current state of the pandemic in our state. It’s uploaded on YouTube by Kenosha Community Media and also on my Facebook Page.

YouTube Channel:

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Labor Times Column 

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