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I hope everyone is staying safe and healthy. Madison has been quite busy with the start of the 2021-22 legislative session earlier this month. I’ve been working on my committee assignments as well as meeting with organizations to discuss their goals for this session.

I still remain disappointed in the legislative inaction on the COVID-19 Relief Bill. The Governor and the Republican-led Senate came to a compromise on the bill; however, Assembly Republicans made their opposition to the proposal pretty clear. Often times we don’t see an agreement between a Republican-led Senate and a Democratic Governor, but when a deal was finally made Speaker Vos decided to keep playing politics. The legislature plans to be in session today at 1pm to further debate the COVID-19 Relief Bill. I hope an agreement is made and we can get this bill to the Governors’ desk for a signature in short order.

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2021 State of the State Address

Governor Evers delivered his State of the State Address this month virtually. The Governor focused a lot of his attention on the pandemic and how it impacted the way we live. It’s been made clear there are serious issues with the Unemployment system here in Wisconsin as I’m sure many of you experienced. During the address, Governor Evers called a special session for the Legislature to repair the outdated system our state has. As expected, Speaker Vos rejected the special session call and the legislature didn’t end up meeting.  

The Governor also continued his conversation and legislative priorities regarding racial disparity and criminal justice reform in Wisconsin. Another issue in which Republican leaders failed to address last fall when Governor Evers called for a special session to address racial inequality. Despite legislative inaction on this issue, I will continue to work with our community leaders, the Legislative Black Caucus, and members of law enforcement to ensure an equal standard is met.

Lastly, the Governor announced his plan to increase spending on broadband access across Wisconsin, labeling 2021 the “Year of Broadband Access.” When schooling went virtual, the lack of broadband was a clear issue which needs to be addressed. I look forward to working with the Governor and my colleagues on this issue.

Vaccine Distribution

This week adults 65 and over will be eligible to begin receiving the COVID-19 vaccine. Among them, police and fire personnel, teachers, child care workers, correction workers, and those in the care of the Department of Corrections will also be eligible. I know many are eager to receive the vaccine, but patience will be key as the county works through the process to ensure a successful distribution.

Wisconsin has approved 1300+ pharmacies and clinics to provide COVID-19 vaccines, with the Governor recently announcing nine mobile vaccination teams working with the Wisconsin National Guard and the UW System. Next month, Wisconsin plans to launch a website that provides information about community vaccination sites, similar to community testing sites.

As the rest of our community waits to get vaccinated, it’s important we continue to take the necessary precautions like wearing a mask and social distancing to protect not only yourself, but others in the process. I see an end in sight.

Unemployment Assistance

I understand there are serious issues with the unemployment system here in Wisconsin. No one should have to wait months to receive their payments or wait hours upon hours on hold in attempt to reach the assistance line. It’s important Wisconsinites are able to use this critical program when they need it most.

If you or someone you know is struggling to get their unemployment payments, my staff is able to help. Please call my office at 608-266-0455 or email My office will be sure to send your claim directly to the Department of Workforce Development.

Updates on COVID-19 in Wisconsin

Every week, I try to get on Channel 14 and discuss the current state of the pandemic in our state. It’s uploaded on YouTube by Kenosha Community Media and also on my Facebook Page.

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Play Space Grand Opening

Congratulations to Charrie and Joshua Ferguson on their grand opening of Play Space! 

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