Representative Ohnstad Statement on 2019-21 Budget

MADISON – Governor Tony Evers formally provided his 2019-21 budget proposal this evening following his budget address at the State Capitol.  In response, Representative Tod Ohnstad (D-Kenosha) offered the following statement:

“Today Governor Evers set a new tone for the future of Wisconsin with the introduction of his budget proposal.  Evers’ budget address showed his commitment to making meaningful reforms on the topics most important to the people of our state and the courage to take on tough issues. 

Last fall, the voters sent a message that they wanted our state to tackle issues Evers had championed in critical policy areas.  These included middle class tax relief, a commitment to funding education and training, local transportation and infrastructure resources, closing the dark store property tax loophole, gerrymandering reform, offering a legal option for medical marijuana, providing a pathway to an increase in the minimum wage, and a number of other topics that impact our citizens and their families every day. 

I am hopeful this can be a budget process that avoids unnecessary political squabbles, but provides a framework for constructive discussion, and compromise where necessary, to work in the best interest of the state of Wisconsin.

I have always respected our new governor for his ability to bring together stakeholders to address areas of concern.  I look forward to working with Governor Evers and both my Republican and Democratic colleagues in the legislature to ensure we can pass a budget that works for all Wisconsinites.”