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Statement: Assembly Passage of the Middle Class Tax Cut “The Middle Class Tax Cut delivers on Governor Evers’ promise to Wisconsin by using the GOP surplus. When we can, we should return surplus dollars to taxpayers; after all, it’s their money."
Speaker Vos Announces Members of Water Quality Task Force “Wisconsinites deserve to have safe, clean and healthy water,” said Speaker Vos. “We’re beginning this essential work by gathering input from across Wisconsin. I’m pleased these legislators have agreed to take part in this statewide, collaborative effort.”
Statement: State of the Union Address "I’m excited to see more of the President’s agenda put into action, including the United States-Mexico-Canada Agreement. The President has proven he’ll work hard to protect American and Wisconsin workers."
Speaker Vos Testifies on Middle Class Tax Cut “The hardworking people of Wisconsin deserve a tax break. Our state is in a great place economically thanks to eight years of sound fiscal planning by Republicans. There is no reason not to return the GOP surplus to the people who paid it."
Speaker Vos Delivers Republican Response to State of State Address It’s clear: the state of our state is strong.
New Era of Government Begins in Wisconsin “We can’t allow the state to reverse course and undo the progress that we have made over the last eight years,” said Speaker Vos. “We have reduced the size of government, invested in education, created a welcoming business climate and we were still able to cut taxes by more than $8 billion.”
Statement: Appointment of Rep. Barca to Administration "Governor-elect Evers finally got one right. Rep. Barca is a reasonable Democrat who is more than willing to work across the aisle and has the political courage to do what’s right for the people of Wisconsin."
Statement: Task Force Request “It comes as no surprise that representatives are quickly responding to the needs of their Assembly districts. I agree that the recent reports of water contamination in private wells in southwestern Wisconsin are disturbing. Every Wisconsinite should have access to safe, clean drinking water."
Statement: Governor-elect Evers Appointments “Governor-elect Evers’ outreach plan to take applications from across the state was cause for optimism, which is why I’m so greatly disappointed that his top four appointments were from Milwaukee."
Statement: Extraordinary Bills Signed into Law “I would like to thank Governor Walker for signing the extraordinary session proposals into law. Through his actions, he’s acknowledging the importance of the legislature as a co-equal branch of government."
Speaker Vos Announces Assembly Standing Committees, Chairs “The Assembly will have additional committees this next legislative session to allow for more public input and policy discussions on the important issues facing the state,” said Speaker Vos.
Racine County Receives New Opioid Addiction Treatment Grant “I advocated strongly for the creation of these treatment grants for our county jails,” said Speaker Vos. “It’s important that we help these individuals get the substance abuse treatment they need to become productive members of their communities.”
Statement: Extraordinary Session “The legislature is the most representative branch of government and the closest to the people of Wisconsin. Our proposals guarantee that the legislature always has a seat at the table. With divided government, these bills allow for more discussions and opportunities to find common ground.”
Speaker Vos Announces Assembly Members of Joint Finance Committee These fiscal conservatives bring a wealth of experience and knowledge to the committee,” said Speaker Vos. “I’m confident that these six representatives will serve the state of Wisconsin and taxpayers well.”
Speaker Vos Reappoints Rep. Nygren as JFC Assembly Chair "I’m confident in his abilities to deliver on Assembly Republican budget priorities and protect the taxpayers of this state.”
Representative Vos Re-Elected Assembly Speaker “It’s my honor to continue serving as Speaker of the Wisconsin State Assembly. I’m humbled to receive this vote of confidence from my Assembly Republican colleagues and look forward to leading this chamber during this time of divided government."
Statement: Separation of Powers “Governor-elect Evers made a generous offer to work together so he should not have a problem with the legislation that may be considered. The reforms are intended to keep both sides at the table to reach a consensus.”
Statement: Governor-elect Tony Evers, Assembly Republican Majority "While yesterday was a win for Governor-elect Evers, it cannot be seen as any kind of mandate for change. Assembly Republicans will continue to deliver on our conservative promises to our constituents and won’t allow Wisconsin to slide backward."
Statement: Worker Training Grants in Racine County the Department of Workforce Development awarded more than $700,000 in worker training grants in Racine County. The grants are administered through the Wisconsin Fast Forward program that has awarded more than $25 million in grant contracts to roughly 20 projects since 2014.
Speaker Vos Sends a Message on Foxconn to Illinois "Local government officials in Illinois are resorting to fear mongering and hyperbole instead of learning the real facts,” said Speaker Vos.
Speaker Vos Welcomes Federal Commission on School Safety to Wisconsin “I’m proud of the progress we’ve made to provide safe learning environments and increase access to mental health services in our schools."
Statement: Foxconn Health Care Partnership "This latest development is yet another illustration of the long-term commitment that Foxconn is making in Wisconsin."
Statement: Nomination of Judge Brett Kavanaugh to the U.S. Supreme Court “The choice of Judge Kavanaugh for the U.S. Supreme Court is exceptional. The nation’s highest court deserves to have a judge of this caliber and expertise."
Statement: School Safety Grants “Our students deserve to have safe schools and these grants are intended to help districts address any issues they may have."
Statement: Foxconn Groundbreaking Event “It’s an incredible day for Racine County and Wisconsin. Today Foxconn officially joins a long and successful tradition of manufacturing in our state from heavy machinery and large ships to paper and lip balm."
Speaker Vos Welcomes Rep. Plumer to Assembly “Rep. Plumer will be an outstanding legislator and a great addition to our Assembly Republican caucus. His election brings us back to our historic majority, holding 64 seats in the chamber."
Statement: Federal Grant Moves up Completion of I-94 N-S "The economic growth in this region is about to explode and we must have a safe and reliable roadway. I applaud Governor Walker for fighting for this federal assistance and moving up the completion date by eleven years."
Child Sales Tax Rebate Filing Period Opens “I want to make sure parents in Racine County know that they have file a claim to get a $100 dollar rebate for each child under 18. This is yet another example of how the good economy and our sound fiscal management are benefiting families across our state.”
Statement: Rep. Joel Kleefisch Announcing Retirement "Wisconsin is losing one of its most effective and passionate legislators. His dedication to his constituents and bipartisanship should serve as a model for everyone in the legislature."
Statement: Speaker Paul Ryan Retirement from Congress "I am happy for my friend and his family, but sad for the 1st Congressional District and our country because men like him don't come around often."
Statement: Welfare Reform Package Becomes Law “I want to thank Governor Walker for helping lead this historic effort. I look forward to seeing the full implementation of these groundbreaking reforms.”
Statement: Retirement Announcement of Rep. Thomas Weatherston “I would like to thank my friend and colleague for his service to the Wisconsin State Assembly. It has been a privilege working with him and advancing our shared priorities for Racine County and the state."
Statement: Signing of School Safety Bills "Nothing is more important than the safety of our children. Our schools now have additional resources available to further protect our students, so that no child has to learn in fear. We want to thank Governor Walker for bringing this package to the legislature.”
Statement: Retirement of Rep. Lee Nerison “I would like to thank Lee for his service to the Assembly and the state of Wisconsin. He’s been a strong voice for agriculture throughout his years in office."
Statement: Special Session Call “I’m pleased that Governor Walker called a special session and appreciate that he and his staff worked with legislative leaders to bring forward a comprehensive package on school safety."
Speaker Vos leads State Assembly Delegation to a Trade Summit Speaker Robin Vos (R-Rochester) is leading a bipartisan delegation of state Assembly lawmakers to the inaugural International Trade Legislative Conference in Québec City this weekend.
Statement: Special Session on School Safety “With the Assembly’s regular session work being complete, I welcome a call from Governor Walker to convene a Special Session of the Legislature on school safety. We want every Wisconsin parent to feel confident that their child is safe at school."
Statement: 2017-18 Legislative Session “Our list of accomplishments this session is long. From the welfare reform that will be a model for our country to the bipartisan juvenile corrections overhaul, we’re working hard to build our workforce and find solutions to issues facing our state."
Statement: Legislation to Help Make Racine County Safer “In the final days of the legislative session, I couldn’t be more proud of the bipartisan work that we’re doing to make Wisconsin neighborhoods safer. We’re being tough on repeat, violent offenders while reforming the juvenile corrections system to hopefully reduce crime and create better outcomes."
Assembly Awards Mount Pleasant Couple with Hometown Hero Award Speaker Robin Vos (R-Rochester) and the Wisconsin State Assembly honored Dan and Robyn Fedrigon of Mount Pleasant with the Hometown Hero Award. The Assembly’s highest citizen recognition award was given to the couple for their work as foster parents.
Speaker Vos Testifies on Welfare Reform Package “This legislative package promotes accountability, encourages personal responsibility, prevents fraud and abuse, and gets people back to work."
Statement: State of the State Address "The state of the state is undeniably great. We have a strong economy, a growing budget surplus, excellent schools and one of the best health care systems in the country. We have a great story to tell and I’m glad that Governor Walker took the time to share it during this speech."
Speaker Vos, Sen. Wanggaard Deliver Citations to Worthy Recipients State legislators honor Mayor Hefty, Love, Inc. for their work following 2017 floods.
Statement: Governor Walker's Juvenile Corrections Plan "It’s essential that we find a workable solution that will bring about better outcomes for juveniles offenders, their families and their communities."
Capitol Restoration Fund to Receive $78,500 from Fundraiser In the 100th year of the Capitol, the funds raised will go toward keeping it beautiful for another century.
Statement: Future of NAFTA “NAFTA has worked for Wisconsin."
Statement: Speculation of Speaker Ryan’s Retirement "I’m confident his real plans are to remain in Congress as Speaker for many years to come."
Statement: DOJ’s John Doe Report “This report confirms what Republicans have known to be true for years. The Government Accountability Board staff acted as though they were above the law. We have a mountain of evidence that clearly shows an abuse of power for partisan purposes."
Statement: Foster Forward Legislative Package "The Foster Forward initiatives are a positive step forward in addressing the issues within the foster care system. These children, at no fault of their own, face challenging circumstances. We want them to have every opportunity to succeed in life and become productive citizens."
New Study Shows Bipartisan Session Agreements Make a Positive Impact Assembly Speaker Robin Vos (R-Rochester) is pleased with a new study recently published in the Journal of the American Society of Legislative Clerks and Secretaries that shows that bipartisan agreements on Assembly operations have made a positive impact on the institution and democracy as a whole.
Speaker Vos Announces Restructuring of Committee on Ways and Means “Wisconsin taxpayers and businesses have suffered for far too long under an overly burdensome tax code that doesn’t work for families, retirees and job creators. This restructured committee will tackle real reform in a transparent process that will give the public ample input in developing a new tax code that is fair and simple with lower rates.”
Statement: Alzheimer’s and Dementia Legislative Package "With a growing number of people dealing with forms of dementia, we must continue to explore legislative actions that can make a difference.”
Statement: Assembly Bill 499, The Mining Bill "The mining reform bill creates a balance between new economic opportunities in an industry that our neighboring states allow and the protection of the natural resources in our state."
Statement on Passing of Rep. Bob Gannon Rep. Vos made the following statement regarding the passing of former Rep. Bob Gannon (R-West Bend) who died unexpectedly of natural causes.
Statement: Foxconn Location Announcement “I’m excited that Wisconn Valley is centered in the county that I’m proud to call home. The Foxconn project is a game changer for Wisconsin with a $10 billion investment and tens of thousands of careers."
Speaker Vos Appoints Commission Member Speaker Robin Vos (R-Rochester) is appointing Dean Knudson of Hudson to the Wisconsin Elections Commission.
Statement: Foxconn Bill Signed into Law “Today Wisconsin is officially saying yes to a $10 billion development project, 13,000 careers and new opportunities throughout Wisconsin. This law allows the state to move forward on the largest economic development project in state history."
Statement: Assembly Passage of 2017-2019 Budget “The Assembly has concluded its work on the state budget, which delivers on our promise to Wisconsin taxpayers."
Statement: Secretary Stepp EPA Appointment “I want to congratulate my friend and former state Senator Cathy Stepp on her appointment. Her strong work ethic, business sense and enthusiasm will be a benefit to the EPA in her new position."
Statement: Assembly Passage of Special Session Assembly Bill 1 “The Assembly took a major step today to ensure the prosperity of generations of Wisconsinites. And I’m very happy that we passed this bill with bipartisan votes; more Democrats voted for the bill than Republicans voted against. We agree that Wisconsin should move forward on the largest economic development project in state history that will bring thousands of careers, new businesses and opportunities to the Badger State."
Statement: Amendment to Special Session Bill “To my Republican and Democratic colleagues, I urge you to join us as we work together to move Wisconsin forward. Together we can build a stronger economy and improve the quality of life throughout the state for generations to come.”
Speaker Vos Elected NCSL Vice President “It’s with great pride that I accept the nomination and responsibilities of this position,” said Speaker Vos. “I’m eager to serve in a larger role for NCSL and help lead the discussion of the important issues facing states today.”
Speaker Vos Announces Assembly Timeline on Foxconn Bill “We welcome the opportunity to take up legislation that will pave the way for one of the largest manufacturing campuses in the world,” said Speaker Vos.
Speaker Vos Statement on Foxconn Announcement Speaker Robin Vos (R-Rochester) released the following statement in regards to the Foxconn decision to build its first U.S. manufacturing plant in Wisconsin. Speaker Vos joined President Donald Trump, Speaker Paul Ryan, Governor Scott Walker and company officials for the announcement at the White House.
Speaker Vos Statement on DOT Reform Bill “I support many of the reforms and would like to see them included in a comprehensive package to address the transportation needs of our state. I agree with the bill’s authors that a full repeal of prevailing wage is an essential component of a DOT reform package."
Speaker Vos Creates Task Force on Foster Care Speaker Robin Vos (R-Rochester) is announcing the formation of the Task Force on Foster Care. The bipartisan group of legislators is tasked with developing ideas to improve the child welfare system that provides out-of-home care for more than seven thousand children in Wisconsin.
Tommy G. Thompson Day Resolution Passes Assembly The Wisconsin State Assembly will now officially recognize November 19 as Tommy G. Thompson Day, the birthday of Wisconsin’s longest serving governor. State representatives approved the Assembly Joint Resolution 61 that honors the Assembly alumnus who dedicated his life to public service.
Speaker Vos to Participate in White House Infrastructure Summit “It’s an honor to have been invited to this important discussion on the nation’s infrastructure and to represent Wisconsin’s interests in that discussion."
Speaker Vos Announces Creation of Tommy G. Thompson Center on Public Leadership "On our college campuses, we need to hear more than just one side of the debate; we need to ensure every voice is heard. This center will promote an even more rigorous debate of the current issues and hopefully, bipartisan solutions."
Speaker Vos Announces Free Speech on Campus Act Speaker Robin Vos (R-Rochester) unveiled new legislation to protect free speech at UW System schools. The bill fulfills the Assembly Republican promise to protect the First Amendment on college campuses, encouraging the debate of ideas and promoting diversity of thought.
Statement on Transportation Priorities New projects shouldn’t begin in one region at the expense of the rest of southeast Wisconsin and the delays on the I-94 N-S in Racine County have continued for far too long. We will not move forward on the East-West project unless the North-South is on track. Our state can’t afford to ignore a major section of our interstate system.
Speaker Vos Announces State of the Tribes Address “This is an Assembly tradition that promotes better communications between the tribal nations and the state,” said Speaker Vos. “It’s important to find areas of mutual concern that we can work on together.”
Statement on NCSL National Award to Legislature "It is an honor to receive this important award as it represents our cooperative efforts to serve the state and our constituents."
Statement on the Bipartisan Day in Assembly “I’m proud of the work we’re doing to give people more access to treatment. Today we’re replacing many Wisconsin families’ frustrations with comfort and hope."
Speaker Vos, Assembly Honor Frank Lamping with Hometown Hero Award Wisconsin State Assembly awarded Frank Lamping of Union Grove the Hometown Hero Award, the highest citizen recognition award in the legislature. Lamping was joined by 14 of his friends and family members in the Assembly for the ceremony.
Statement on Assembly Democrats’ Tax and Spend Plan “Now is not the time to raise income taxes. Everyone in our state needs tax relief, especially the people who are growing the economy. Assembly Democrats want to raise income taxes by $400 million and hike taxes on farmers and business owners, when Republicans have reduced taxes by $4.7 billion since 2011 and with no support from Democrats."
Statement on Budget Recommendations “This is a good budget proposal but a work in progress."
Speaker Vos Kicks-off Year of Capitol Centennial Celebrations “For the last century, this beautiful building has been our state’s monument of democracy,” said Speaker Vos. “This is where democracy comes full circle, where the three coequal branches of government all work together to breathe life into our democracy in their own way.”
Assembly Republican Leaders Ask for New Highway Estimates “Taxpayers deserve to know how much a road is going to cost before it’s built,” said Speaker Robin Vos (R-Rochester). “Unfortunately, these miscalculations will probably confirm what many of us fear; our transportation fund is deeper in the red than we thought.”
Statement on WisDOT Audit “The legislative audit is yet another independent report that illustrates construction delays are driving up costs unnecessarily, our road conditions are only getting worse and a long-term solution is needed. It’s clear Wisconsin is trying to do too much with too little and taxpayers are not getting their money’s worth."
Statement on State of State Address “The state of the state is great and should make everyone proud. We have so much to brag about: our economy is strong, more people are working than ever before, we have excellent schools and Wisconsin is simply an amazing place to call home."
Speaker Vos Calls for Long-Term Solutions “We must put aside what we think is best for our political careers, and do what’s best for Wisconsin. Instead of attacking one another and saying what shouldn’t be done, let’s work together to find what can be done.”
Statement on Departure of WisDOT Secretary Gottlieb “Wisconsin is losing one of our most hardworking and articulate public leaders. During his tenure, Secretary Gottlieb transformed the Department of Transportation, made it more efficient and saved taxpayers more than $1.5 billion in the process."
Transportation Video Release: Road Work Ahead Speaker Robin Vos released a transportation video entitled, Road Work Ahead, one day before the Assembly Transportation Committee holds an informational hearing on the budget request from the Wisconsin Department of Transportation. The goal of the hearing is to better understand the full ramifications of the proposed transportation budget. The Speaker’s video illustrates the impact bad roads have on emergency responders and ultimately, your family in an emergency.