Title Date Released Summary
Speaker Vos on Election Investigation 3/1/2022 I’d like to thank the Office of Special Counsel for their tireless efforts in finding the truth.
Speaker Vos Statement on Retirement of Rep. Mike Kuglitsch 2/25/2022 I would like to thank Rep. Kuglitsch for his decade of service to the people of his Assembly district and all of Wisconsin.
Parental Opt-Out Passes in Assembly 2/22/2022 Parents will have the choice to opt their children out of school mask mandates, and schools will be required to offer an in-person learning option for students, thanks to a bill passed by the Wisconsin State Assembly.
Stronger Workforce Initiative Passes in Assembly 2/17/2022 For over a year, Republicans have led the way on addressing the workforce crisis in Wisconsin while Governor Evers does nothing.
Speaker Vos Responds to Governor’s State of the State Address 2/15/2022 When Governor Evers talks about his campaign promises, little or no action was actually taken by the governor to get these things done. The majority of promises were delivered because of billions in federal dollars or from good policy decisions by Legislative Republicans.
Statement on Passage of Constitutional Amendment for Bail Reform 2/15/2022 In Milwaukee, one in five individuals charged with killing or trying to kill someone is already out on bail for another crime. More than half of those other crimes are also violent. The catch and release of violent offenders in our communities must end.