Speaker Vos Disappointed with Governor Evers’ Veto of Bonus Unemployment Payment

Speaker Robin Vos released the following statement following Governor Evers’ veto of legislation that ends the $300 a week bonus unemployment payments.

“Governor Evers refuses to acknowledge the facts. People will not go back to work when the government continues to pay them to sit on the couch.

“We’re seeing unemployment benefit recipient numbers rise while employers plead and try to incentivize employees to work for them. While Governor Evers says there is no data to prove this fact, the facts are all around us. Help wanted signs are everywhere. Businesses are running shorter shifts. They are closing early. The numbers of unemployed is falling faster in states that have ended the payments.

“His actions today clearly show how clueless he is as to what’s happening outside the mansion. After forced government shutdowns and one-size-fits-all restrictions, he should be doing everything he can to help the businesses that were able to stay afloat post-pandemic. Instead, he’s adding one more hurdle.”