Title Date Released Summary
Statement on Bill Creating Fairness for Outside Election Funding for Election Administration 5/11/2021 This is about fairness and transparency and outside groups shouldn’t get to provide funding only to areas that align with their politics. This bill levels the playing field so that all communities in Wisconsin get a per-capita share of donations.
Letter to Gov. Evers on ARPA Funding 5/3/2021 We are still willing to work with Governor Evers to make sure that all voices are heard in how the billions in federal relief dollars are best spent for Wisconsinites. I joined Senator LeMaieu and the Co-Chairs of the Joint Finance Committee in sending the governor a letter inviting him to discuss.
Statement on Veto of Federal Funding Priorities 4/22/2021 Governor Evers vetoed an 11-bill package, crafted jointly by Assembly and Senate Republicans that would have directed one-time federal ARPA funds toward priorities important to Wisconsinites including: $500 million for broadband expansion and over $1 billion in aid to Wisconsin households.
Federal Stimulus Priorities 3/30/2021 Speaker Robin Vos and Assembly Republican colleagues announced how the $3.2 billion in state discretionary funds from the from the American Recue Plan Act of 2021 should be prioritized to help Wisconsinites.
Statement: Truth in Spending Act 3/23/2021 Billions of taxpayer dollars should not be in the hands of a single person. We are simply asking the governor to include other in the decision-making process. Not only will this legislation allow for public input, it will also provide transparency.
Vos, LeMahieu: Leaders Circulate Truth in Spending Act 3/5/2021 People should have a voice in how billions of federal dollars are spent. The Truth in Spending Act will allow Wisconsinites through their elected representatives to have a say in the allocation of Coronavirus recovery funds in their communities.