Title Date Released Summary
State Legislature Invites Broad Public Input on Redistricting Efforts 9/15/2021 The people of Wisconsin elected us as their representatives, and it is the duty of the Legislature to draw new boundaries, not a governor or his unelected appointees. If he or any of the members from his commission decide to submit a plan, we will certainly consider what they produce.
Assembly GOP Statement on Election Investigation 8/25/2021 We believe a cyber-forensic audit is necessary to ensure issues did not happen in 2020. We have allocated additional resources to Justice Gableman to ensure this investigation gets to the truth.
Election Reform Legislation Vetoed by Governor 8/10/2021 he governor is making another momentous mistake with his veto pen. While he claims these bills are ‘anti-democracy,’ his actions speak louder than words. He is satisfied with the status quo and refusing to improve future elections.
Announcement Regarding Election Investigation 7/30/2021 It has become clear that a top-to-bottom election investigation will take longer than initially anticipated and require more manpower to complete. I've named Justice Gableman as Special Counsel with authority to hire more full-time investigators who will work at his discretion.
Rep. Vos on Veto Override Attempt of Workforce Recovery Bill 7/27/2021 The labor crisis has reached every corner of our state. I had hoped my Democratic colleagues would put politics aside to fix an actual issue affecting employers across the state, but it seems they’ll stick to their marching orders no matter the cost.
Statement from Legislative Leaders on Opioid Settlement Agreement 7/22/2021 With the news of Wisconsin local government litigants reaching a tentative settlement agreement with drug makers, we are encouraged to see our bipartisan legislation is facilitating the quick delivery of opioid settlement funds to the front lines of prevention and mitigation efforts.