Robin Vos Weekly E-Update.
Robin Vos Weekly E-Update.
Robin Vos Weekly E-Update.


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The Biden Administration has finally released the data from the 2020 Census after dragging their feet for months. Soon we will begin the robust map drawing process and I’m confident we will draw a map that the governor will sign.

The legislature announced a
website for the public to participate in the map drawing process. Any Wisconsin resident can submit a statewide map, regional plan, or community of interest to the legislature.

Submission dates are September 1, 2021 to October 15, 2021.


Election Integrity Bills Vetoed

Another week, another round of vetoes of common-sense legislation from Governor Evers. This time, he decided to veto a package of bills that would have provided much-needed election reform in Wisconsin.

He is making another momentous mistake with his veto pen. While he claims these bills are ‘anti-democracy,’ his actions speak louder than words. He is satisfied with the status quo and refusing to improve future elections.

These bills closed loopholes, standardized procedures, established uniformity, guaranteed only the voter can correct their own ballot and protected votes of seniors in long-term care.

I am very disappointed Governor Evers refuses to do the right thing.

Defund the Police?

Governor Evers also vetoed a bill that would have decreased shared revenue payments to municipalities who cut funding to their police departments. With crime rates rising throughout the country, making political statements by defunding the police is foolish and irresponsible. Unfortunately, the governor disagrees.

CRT in Wisconsin Schools

The Legislature is beginning discussion on bills related to Critical Race Theory (CRT), an ideology that teaches children to only view the world through the lens of race and creates division rather than unity.

It is effectively racist and actually threatens progress against racism and progress in education. CRT should be banned from being taught in our schools in favor of curricula focused on Excellence, Diversity and Equality for all students.

AB411 and AB488 which address the ideology and curriculum transparency were discussed in public hearings this week.

New Eagle Scout

I was so happy to attend the Eagle Scout Court of Honor for Jason Barczak Jr. this weekend at St. Mary's Church in Burlington along with Father Jim Volkert and Burlington Mayor Jeanie Hefty.

I had the honor of presenting this young man with a citation marking his incredible accomplishment! Congratulations Jason!

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