Representative Timothy Ramthun was born and raised in the Kewaskum community and has had ties to the 59th District his entire life. Tim and his wife, Carolann, have been married for 36 years and have two children and four grandchildren. They also ran a small family business together for several years. Tim wants his kids, his grand kids, all kids, to inherit the same nation that is as full of promise as the one we’ve all enjoyed.

Tim’s passion is to serve and to do so effectively, with quality in process and execution. Tim’s focus in college was information technology and process methodologies, where he obtained technical diplomas and certifications for his academic credits. His work ethic and passion for service has enabled him to become a sought-after professional.

Tim has been a public servant within a school board of education, where he led the District as President for two consecutive years. He can't be more proud to be the voice of the constituents of the 59th Assembly District.