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Income Tax Savings to Go Into Effect

Just earlier today, the nonpartisan Legislative Fiscal Bureau (LFB) reported the WI Department of Revenue will update the state income tax withholding tables. This update will reflect tax reductions put into the state budget by legislative Republicans earlier this year. According to LFB, due to this reduction, Wisconsinites as a whole will save approximately $709.8 million this current fiscal year. That means hardworking individuals will keep more of their money. It's your money, you know how to utilize it better than the state. Going forward, I'm pushing for encouraging reports like this to come regularly within every legislative session. Ending the over-taxation of WI taxpayers has always been and always will be my goal. 

Committee Update

This week, I participated in two committee hearings, one for Transportation and one for Judiciary. I wish to draw attention to two bills in particular, both which were heard yesterday in the Judiciary Committee public hearing. One is Assembly Bill 572 (AB 572), which would extend the current federal liability protection for gun manufacturers to the state level. In short, this liability protection means gun manufacturers are shielded from frivolous lawsuits if a gun they manufactured is used in a crime. If this protection wasn't in place, activists would likely attack the Second Amendment by trying to sue these companies into oblivion. AB 572 is a good bill, and I will support it should it be up for a committee vote. 

The other bill was Assembly Bill 591 (AB 591), which would allow citizens of our state to sue social media companies if their speech is wrongfully censored on their platforms. This would serve to protect everyone's freedom of speech online. In an increasingly digital modern world, our rights and freedoms need to extend to our interactions on the Internet. Holding accountable those who infringe upon our rights is paramount. 

First Responder of the Year Award

Police officers, firefighters, and EMS do so much for our communities, sacrificing in order to serve us. It's time we give thanks to them. As such, I am pleased to again seek nominations  for the upcoming First Responder of the Year Award for the 59th Assembly District. The person nominated by you can be a police officer or sheriff’s deputy, a firefighter, or any level of EMS provider (paramedic, EMT, first responder), and can be either a paid or volunteer public servant. A winner from within the 59th District will be chosen and he or she will be invited to a Hometown Heroes recognition ceremony in the Assembly this October.

You can nominate a deserving person for a variety of reasons, including (but not limited to):

  • A specific heroic action
  • A significant professional achievement
  • Something special they do for the community during the course of their work
  • Their body of work over time
  • Their length of service

To have your local hero be eligible, please submit a nomination no later than *TOMORROW, Friday, October 8th, 2021.* Nominations can be submitted via my website by clicking the link here. Or, simply visit my website and click on the '2021 First Responder of the Year Nomination' button on the homepage.

The Ramthun Report

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Contacting My Office

An important part of my job as your state representative is providing assistance to you in any way I can. Please reach out to my office by phone, email, or letter with any concern or request you have, and we'll be happy to help. We'd love to hear from you!

If you haven't already, I encourage you to check out my website. There you can find past e-updates, press releases, and much more.