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Governor Evers & Masks at the Capitol

If you've recently visited our beautiful state Capitol, chances are you've noticed the mask requirement. Earlier this week, I spoke with a gentleman in the district who informed me of how his daughter and grandson were forced to wear a mask when they visited. I was greatly saddened to hear about this experience and completely understand the frustration people feel. The truth of the matter is this, Gov. Evers has control over state buildings and restrictions placed on visitors. This includes the Capitol, as that control was ceded to the Governor and the Department of Administration by the Legislature decades ago. I wish it were not the case, but that's where it stands. 

Regardless of who controls the Capitol, it should be an individual choice whether visitors want to wear masks inside or not. If I was in charge, that's what the situation would be. This is just yet another instance of Gov. Evers ruling by tyranny, adding to a long list of past offences. The Capitol is the people's house, they should get to decide how they enjoy it. 

Election Integrity Interview

On Wednesday, I was invited on the WSAU Morning Feedback program again to discuss recent developments regarding an audit in WI and the Special Counsel investigation. Listen here for all the details. A big thank you to host Meg Ellefson for having me back on!

The Ramthun Report

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Contacting My Office

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