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The Ramthun Report

Don't miss the internationally acclaimed Ramthun Report! If you are looking for the most transparent reflection on Capitol activities, these are a must see! Join the growing crowd of Patriots and stay well informed.

In case you missed it, Episode 33 of the Ramthun Report speaks at the obstruction we are seeing from the speaker on the full forensic physical cyber audit.

And Episode 34 is a must see episode where I officially call for decertification of the 2020 election.  


Click here to see episode 33 of the Ramthun Report!

Click here to see episode 34 of the Ramthun Report!


Taking a Stand against Abortion

During the last floor session, there were multiple bills that gave the illusion that they were pro-life in nature. Upon deeper inspection these bills had exceptions for certain cases, and there are no exceptions for human life. I voted no on those bills because a child should never suffer for the sins of their mothers or fathers, and all life is sacred. Regardless of the nature in which they were conceived, every child deserves the right to live. All life is a blessing, and I will never settle for any exception to that. Any legislation that is truly pro-life will receive my support, and I will be vigilant on ensuring there are no exceptions.   

First Responder of the Year Award

  It was my distinct honor and pleasure to present Lieutenant Timothy Horsch of Calumet County with the 2021 First Responder of the Year Award! His continued service and dedication to protect the citizens of the 59th is a blessing and we are grateful to have him there to answer the call.

Pocket WI Constitutions available on request!

Our office has recently acquired pocket sized Wisconsin Constitutions. They are available for your request! If you'd like one, please email our office and let us know where we can mail one to you!  

Contacting My Office

An important part of my job as your state representative is providing assistance to you in any way I can. Please reach out to my office by phone, email, or letter with any concern or request you have, and we'll be happy to help. We'd love to hear from you!

If you haven't already, I encourage you to check out my website. There you can find past e-updates, press releases, and much more.