Supporting Wisconsinites with Federal ARPA Funds Rep. Gundrum votes for a series of bills to support Wisconsinites with federal stimulus funds.
Announcing Budget Listening Sessions Representative Gundrum will hold two budget listening sessions during the month of April.
Reaction to Wisconsin Supreme Court’s Ruling on Emergency Orders Wisconsin Supreme Court blocks Gov. Evers from continuing unconstitutional behavior.
Time to Prioritize Long-Term Care Facilities Rep. Gundrum calls on Gov. Evers to send more federal stimulus dollars to support the long-term care industry.
Rep. Gundrum Votes to Improve Health Care for Wisconsinites Rep. Gundrum votes for important reforms to keep health care affordable.
Showing Governor Evers How to Do His Job Rep. Gundrum votes to do an unemployment system upgrade Gov. Evers could have done throughout the COVID-19 pandemic.
Statement on Governor’s Budget Proposal Rep. Gundrum reacts to the 2021-2023 budget proposed by Gov. Evers.
Rep. Gundrum Defends Constitutional Government Rep. Gundrum votes to overturn the governor's emergency order.
Statement on the passing of Washington County Board Member Roger Kist Rep. Gundrum's tribute to his friend and County Board Supervisor Roger Kist.
Statement on the 2021 State of the State Address Rep. Gundrum reacts to the 2021 State of the State Address given by Gov. Evers.
Rep. Gundrum Starts 2021 Strong 2021 Inauguration Day Remarks
Rep. Gundrum Reappointed Committee Chairman on Aging & Long-Term Care Rep. Gundrum reacts to the news of him being reappointed Aging and Long-Term Care Committee chairman.
Rep. Gundrum Advocates for Strong Election Oversight & Accountability Following the first joint public hearing of the Wisconsin Committees on Campaigns and Elections which wrapped up late last Friday, State Representative Rick Gundrum released this statement:
Wisconsin Election Result Certification Rep. Gundrum addresses some questions constituents have had about the 2020 presidential election.
Rep. Gundrum Remembers Alderman Steve Hoogester West Bend Alderman Steve Hoogester passed away in a hunting accident.
Rep. Gundrum Opposes Mask Mandate Extension Rep. Gundrum's thoughts on the extension of the mask mandate.
Rep. Gundrum Opposes Statewide Mask Mandate Rep. Gundrum responds to the statewide mask mandate ordered by Gov. Evers.
Rep. Gundrum Helps Governor Evers Connect the Dots The unemployment crisis in Wisconsin continues.
Rep. Gundrum Highlights President Trump’s USMCA Milestone The United States-Mexico-Canada Trade Agreement goes into effect.
Rep. Gundrum Applauds the Victory of the Rule of Law The Wisconsin State Supreme Court strikes down the Evers Administration’s Emergency Order 28.
Letter from Agriculture Secretary Sonny Purdue Secretary Purdue pledges assistance to Wisconsin's dairy industry.
Rep. Gundrum Votes to Pass Wisconsin COVID-19 Response Bill Rep. Gundrum supports Wisconsinites during the COVID-19 pandemic.
Rep. Gundrum Votes for Prescription Drug Affordability, Protection, and Transparency Rep. Gundrum votes for Assembly Bill 114 to reform pharmacy benefit managers.
Rep. Gundrum Continues to Stand with Wisconsin Taxpayers Rep. Gundrum announces his support for a new tax cut package.
Rep. Gundrum Stands with Wisconsin Farmers Rep. Gundrum and his colleagues announce legislation to support Wisconsin farmers.
Rep. Gundrum Reacts to State of the State Address Rep. Gundrum shares his thoughts on the 2020 State of the State address given by Gov. Evers.
Rep. Gundrum Presents Hometown Hero Award Recognition of philanthropist Pete Rettler as recipient of the Hometown Hero Award.
Rep. Gundrum Op-Ed: Governor Evers Vetoes CNA Shortage Relief Legislation Rep. Gundrum expresses his disappointment following a veto from the desk of Governor Evers that aimed to address the caregiver workforce shortage.
Biennial Budget Bill Becomes Law Biennial Budget Option for Local Governments Signed into Law
Rep. Gundrum Honors First Responder Recognition of Assistant Fire Chief Brad Schaefer of Slinger as Assembly District 58 recipient of the 2019 First Responder Award.
Passage of AB 193 Statement Representative Gundrum's statement following the passage of AB 193 in the State Assembly.
Statement on JFC Long-Term Care Funding Vote Representative Gundrum commends JFC Republicans for investing in long-term care funding.
Rep. Gundrum Supports Protections for the Unborn Representative Gundrum released a statement following the Assembly's passage of four bills aimed to protect life.
Rep. Gundrum Reacts to Governor Evers' First Budget Address Rep. Gundrum issued his thoughts and concerns surrounding Governor Tony Evers' budget plan.
Rep. Gundrum Stands Firm on Passing Middle Class Tax Cut Assembly Bill 4/Senate Bill 18 provides $340 million in tax relief, with 75% of the tax cut going to filers earning between $30,000 and $100,000, as cited by the non-partisan Legislative Fiscal Bureau. The proposal draws from the state's nearly $600 million surplus to cover the tax relief.
Rep. Gundrum Reacts to State of the State Address Yesterday evening, Governor Tony Evers issued his inaugural State of the State Address to a joint session of the legislature. Rep. Gundrum provided his thoughts on Gov. Evers statement and what lies ahead in Wisconsin state government.
Rep. Gundrum Lauds Plan for Middle-Class Tax Cut Rep. Rick Gundrum (R-Slinger) and Assembly Republicans announced a new initiative to deliver significant income tax relief to Wisconsin’s middle-class families. Using the budget surplus that has accrued over the last eight years, the proposal will deliver $340 million in income tax relief.
Rep. Gundrum’s Statement on Inauguration & Committee Membership Rep. Rick Gundrum issued the following statement following Monday's inauguration of the 104th Wisconsin State Legislature. Rep. Gundrum also discussed his standing committee appointments for the session.
Rep. Gundrum Named Chair of Assembly Committee on Aging & Long-Term Care Today, Representative Rick Gundrum (R-Slinger) was named the Chairperson for the Assembly Committee on Aging & Long-Term Care.
Rep. Gundrum's Statement on Extraordinary Session State Representative Rick Gundrum released the following statement on the outcome of today’s extraordinary session.