State Representative Dave Murphy
  June 3, 2021 Working for you!  

Stopping Taxpayer Supported Abortions

Last Wednesday, I had the opportunity to testify in front of the Senate Committee on Human Services, Children and Families regarding a bill Senator Jacque and I authored that would prevent UW employees from performing abortions while they are on state time. Whatever your feelings may be on abortion, we should all be able to agree that state tax dollars should not go toward funding it. You can watch my testimony by clicking on the image above and you can read more about the bill here

Restoring Faith in Elections
Wisconsin Voter Alliance Rally at the State Capitol

The most critical issue I’ve dedicated my time to over the past few months is restoring public faith in our elections. As a member of the Assembly Committee on Campaigns and Elections, I’ve heard from tens of thousands of people since November, expressing their concerns about elections security and fraud. Since then, I’ve continued to push for a concrete investigation, legislation, and legal action to ensure fair and transparent elections in our state.

In February, the State Legislature authorized a full audit of Wisconsin elections administration, which is still ongoing. On May 11, the State Assembly voted 60-36 to adopt a bill I cosponsored to prevent billionaires from controlling elections administration. Recently, Assembly Speaker Robin Vos announced he would be granting a group of three retired law enforcement officers and an attorney with subpoena powers to conduct a thorough investigation into illegal, irregular, and inappropriate actions that occurred in the November Presidential Election. While this group will be primarily focused on building evidence in support of legislative reforms, their powers are broad enough to conduct a forensic audit of any evidence and refer illegal actions or fraudulent documents they uncover to prosecutors.

On Friday, I had the opportunity to speak at a Wisconsin Voter Alliance press conference announcing the latest legal complaint against the Wisconsin Elections Commission and the City of Madison regarding the money (and strings) they accepted from liberal billionaires for November elections administration. Click on the image above to watch the press conference.

Your Questions

Eric of Appleton writes: I read that the legislature didn’t meet much last year. Why was this and what were you up to?

The Wisconsin legislature has a two-year session and very rarely meets as a whole during the second half of even-numbered years. That said, legislators and their staff are still hard at work answering calls, responding to emails, drafting legislation, and meeting with folks to keep the gears of government running.

It’s unfortunate to see stories about legislators not working much in 2020, especially when it was easily the busiest year I’ve seen in the legislature. My two staff members and I fielded over 23,000 messages about election concerns, helped dozens of people get their unemployment insurance when they couldn’t get the Wisconsin Department of Workforce Development to answer their calls, and drafted over twenty pieces of legislation. Contrary to what you might read in the news, a legislator’s job is not to give fancy speeches on the floor of the State Assembly, it’s to ensure your voice is heard at all levels of state government.

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I Need Your Input on the State Budget

The best part of my job is hearing from folks like you about what needs to get done in Madison. As your representative, I’m proud to bring your voice to the legislature and I’m grateful every time someone makes the effort to show up at a listening session, mail in a survey, or email me. Please click on the image above to take my spring survey regarding the state budget.

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