State Representative Dave Murphy
  June 17, 2021 Working for you!  

State Projected to Collect Billions More Than Necessary in Taxes
Projected $4.4 billion additional state revenue

The non-partisan Legislative Fiscal Bureau has issued revised estimates for general fund tax collections through the end of the next state budget in June 2023. The revised projections now show the state will collect $4.427 billion more than originally projected. It’s crystal clear that ten years of sound fiscal management and our focus on strong economic fundamentals are reaping rewards.

While the governor and Democratic Party legislators see this as a huge windfall for the state to spend on every pet project imaginable, I see this as the government overcharging folks for the basic services we are already providing without this additional revenue.

As we consider what to do to address this projected over-collection of taxes, I will push my colleagues to repeal the personal property tax and reduce income taxes.

Confidence in American Elections is Critical to Our Democracy

Rep. Murphy observing the Arizona election audit

Late Friday night, I traveled with three of my colleagues in the legislature to Arizona to observe the audit being conducted of the November election. While the media coverage of the trip chose to focus on out-of-context issues, I was there to see what we could learn from their process. What I witnessed was the sort of security, precision, and transparency that just might restore the public’s faith in our elections. I’m convinced that whatever results are found by this audit will be backed up by enough evidence to convince even the most devoted skeptics.

I’m looking forward to reading the report expected from the auditors later this summer. Based on what I observed in Arizona before I got home at 3 AM on Sunday, I’m sure it will help us chart a path for the most secure, transparent, and fair elections possible here in Wisconsin.

How to Request Travel Wisconsin Materials

Travel is front and center again with reopenings far and wide. Wisconsin has some of the best destinations in the world, so if you’re looking for something to do, consider requesting one of the resources by clicking on the image above.

CWD Detected Near Winnebago County

DNR CWD image with deer 

The Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources (DNR) has detected a positive test for CWD in Green Lake County within ten miles of Winnebago County. This result moves Winnebago County into CWD-affected county status, meaning there will be a deer baiting and feeding ban in place. Visit for more information.

Inactive Voter Postcards

The Wisconsin Elections Commission has mailed over 180,000 postcards to inactive voters in an attempt to clean up Wisconsin’s voter rolls. The notices were mailed to anyone who hasn’t voted in the past four years. Leaving these inactive names on the rolls makes elections administration and security far more difficult, due to the higher likelihood of error or fraud. This simple step vastly improves our elections process and due to Wisconsin allowing same-day voter registration as the election, no one will be disenfranchised by it if they choose to vote again after becoming inactive.

Capitol Visitors

Police chiefs meeting with Rep. Murphy

Winnebago County Sheriff John Matz, Appleton Police Department Chief of Police Todd Thomas, and Appleton Police Department Assistant Chief Polly Olson visited me at the State Capitol on Thursday as part of the Wisconsin Chiefs of Police Association and Badger State Sheriffs’ Association joint Legislative Advocacy Day.

I Need Your Input on the State Budget

The best part of my job is hearing from folks like you about what needs to get done in Madison. As your representative, I’m proud to bring your voice to the legislature and I’m grateful every time someone makes the effort to show up at a listening session, mail in a survey, or email me. Please click on the image above to take my spring survey regarding the state budget.

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