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  July 2, 2021 Working for you!  

First Bipartisan Budget in a Generation, also Most Conservative

GOP Delivering on our budget promises

The Senate and Assembly voted to adopt the legislature’s budget with one out of every seven Democrats voting in favor, making this the first bipartisan budget since 2007 when Democrats held the State Senate and governor’s office. While this budget was a team effort, it also represents the most fiscally conservative budget I’ve had the opportunity to vote for.

The average Wisconsin family will realize more than $1,200 in savings. This budget delivers one of the largest tax cuts in state history. The $3.4 billion in tax relief includes $2.3 billion in income tax reductions, $650 million in property taxes reductions, and elimination of the personal property tax on businesses.

Here are some other highlights from the adopted budget:

  • Ensures more affordable dental services
  • Increases the number of dementia care specialists
  • Invests $130 million in high-speed internet infrastructure for broadband expansion grants
  • Record K-12 funding levels that reward in-person instruction, increase state support for special education to the highest level ever and increase school choice payments.

State school aid at historic levels


$130 million for broadband expansion


Investing in quality healthcare


Borrowing less but investing more in our roads


Governor’s Vetoes Holding Back Wisconsin

Governor Vetoes Employment Bill

This week the Governor vetoed multiple bills that would have helped Wisconsin. The first bill would have kept big money out of the administration of elections. Unlike campaign dollars that are spent to support candidates, this past election saw record dollars directed by billionaires to try and influence how elections are actually run. In Wisconsin, funds were targeted at cities with large liberal-leaning populations and offered donors unprecedented and inappropriate access to voting equipment.

The second vetoed bill would have phased out enhanced federal unemployment benefits. These enhanced benefits are making it difficult for employers to compete against the government paying people a $300 a week bonus to stay unemployed. Similar bills have already been signed in states across the county, even in states led by Democratic Party governors.

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