Two Rohrkaste Bills Signed into Law

MADISON – This morning, Gov. Tony Evers signed into law two bills introduced by Rep. Mike Rohrkaste (R-Neenah), Assembly Bills 135 and 192.  Representative Rohrkaste issued the following statement:

“Assembly Bills 135 and 192 enjoyed bipartisan support throughout the legislative process, and I am thrilled that the Governor signed these commonsense proposals. 

Assembly Bill 135 will give qualified private security personnel and private investigators an additional nonlethal option in the use-of-force continuum by allowing them to carry electric weapons like Tasers. 

Assembly Bill 192 requires the Department of Health Services to reimburse mental health providers who work with children for clinical consultations they have with the children’s parents or guardians.  Parents play a central role in their children’s mental well-being, and it is important to keep them informed about symptoms, strategies for care and intervention, and treatment expectations.”

Assembly Bill 135 was signed into law as Act 87, and Assembly Bill 192 was signed into law as Act 88.