Welcome to my December E-Update!
For the month of December!
A very Merry Christmas to you and your family!
The past few weeks at the legislature has been busy! Here is a brief legislative update on what we have been working on:
  1. On December 8th my bill, Assembly bill 735, went through a public hearing. I was honored to testify along with my colleagues, Representative Dave Murphy and Senator Patrick Testin. This bill is crucial in allowing students to be protected when discussing and engaging in independent thinking that often goes against the ideology of Wisconsin Public Universities. I am looking forward to revising this bill and then for it to go through an executive session. Read more here!
  2. My newly introduced bill, AB777 would authorize to the Department of Administration to award one or more grants to local municipalities who are in greater need to address the uptick of automobile theft and carjacking's in the state. I'm looking forward to this going through a public hearing sometime in January. Read more here.
  3. This month I have worked a great deal on my solar-leasing bill, AB 731, which would allow consumers to lease solar panels for their use, without having having to purchase everything outright, per current state statutes. I am greatly committed to this bill and look forward to seeing it move throughout the remainder of this session. Read more here!

Rep. Murphy and Rep. Cabral-Guevara testifying in support of Assembly bill 735, on December 8th



This session, I am serving on the following committees. Click on the links to view committee activity!

Mental Health


Colleges and Universities

Public Benefit Reform

Regulatory Licensing Reform


I'm looking forward to continuing my work on each of these with many of my colleagues.

Community Events

Here is a list of some events happening around our area in the next few weeks. If you have an event you would like included in future e-updates, email us here!

Thursday, December 23rd: Grandparents and Me 

Thursday, Dec. 23rd: For Kids From 1 to 92

Saturday, January 8th: Art Activity Day


Source: Future Neenah, Bergstrom-Mahler Museum of Glass

Contacting My Office

My capitol office is here to help you with general inquiries as well as questions and concerns regarding legislative matters. Feel free to contact me or my staff. We are always ready to assist you in your needs. Please visit my website for press releases and other capitol updates.