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May 2019 E-Newsletter

Dear Friends & Neighbors,

Welcome to my May e-newsletter.

Spring is always a busy time in the Capitol, as the debate over the state budget is in full swing. The budget is the most important bill the state legislature takes up during our two-year legislative session, laying out all spending and revenue decisions during that time frame. 

It is always an honor to serve the people of Oshkosh. If I can ever be of any assistance, please feel free to reach out. You can call me at my Capitol office at 608-266-2254, my home at 920-232-0805, email me at Rep.Hintz@legis.wi.gov, or stop by for a visit at my office hours in Oshkosh.


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Where are we in the Budget Process? 

In February, Governor Tony Evers announced his biennial state budget. Two weeks ago, the Joint Finance Committee began executive sessions in which they go through each state agency and either adopt or make changes to the Governor's budget. While the state budget process is long and complicated, please feel free to reach out to my office if you have any questions. 

 Medicaid Expansion 

Despite 70% of Wisconsinites supporting Medicaid expansion, Republicans on the Joint Finance Committee removed it from Governor Evers' budget on the first day they met. 

Expanding Medicaid increases access to affordable care for everyone, while at the same time lowering private insurance costs between 7-11%. Medicaid expansion would also save taxpayers $324 million in this budget alone, in addition to drawing down $1.6 billion dollars in federal funding.

This interactive map reflects how much each county would gain under Governor Evers' budget and Medicaid expansion.

Sign a petition to support Medicaid expansion here.

In Winnebago County, an additional 2,010 people in Winnebago County would be covered under the Governor’s proposal. Medicaid expansion would allow for the following $104 million of new investments in Winnebago County:

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Vaccine Legislation

Last month, I introduced bi-partisan legislation to increase immunization rates in Wisconsin, and lower the chances of an infectious disease outbreak. The bill would remove the personal conviction waiver from our state’s vaccination requirement. I was honored to have Governor Tony Evers voice his support for the bill this afternoon. As of this week, the Center for Disease Control has reported 880 individuals cases of measles confirmed in 24 states in 2019, the highest number on record since the disease was declared eliminated nationwide in 2000.

As you may know, vaccines are important for the public health of our state, country, and world. My office released this video to provide an overview of how vaccines work and describes the potential crisis our state faces if we don't raise our immunization rates. 

I also appeared on UpFront discussing the merits of my legislation. You can see the video HERE



 Recap of Last Month 

On April 23, Governor Tony Evers and Lieutenant Governor Mandela Barnes visited Oshkosh as a part of the People's Budget Tour. From education to transportation to healthcare, we have a budget that will create a Wisconsin that works for everyone. It was an honor to have the Governor come to our community and we look forward to future visits. Thank you to everyone who attended. The people of our community reinforced that the priorities laid out in the Governor's budget are the people's priorities.

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On May 1, I sat down with the Medical Society to discuss my personal exemption bill. It was nice to see support from health care professionals in the field. 

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As a part of National Tourism Week 2019 last week, I was pleased to join Tourism Deputy Secretary, Anne Sayers, and the Wisconsin Department of Tourism Team for the 50th anniversary of EAA AirVenture.

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Milwaukee Bucks in the Eastern Conference Finals

Congratulations to the Milwaukee Bucks on their 2019 playoff run! Oshkosh has a unique connection to the Bucks franchise as home to their G-League team, the Wisconsin Herd.

Like the rest of  Wisconsin, I'm looking forward to another series win, and continuing this historic season. 


 In the News

More than 11,000 children in Milwaukee are not vaccinated, creating risk for measles outbreak (May 9)

Bipartisan Bill Would End Use Of 'Personal Conviction' Waivers For Immunization In Wisconsin (May 1)

Amid measles scare, Wisconsin legislators seek to end 'personal conviction' vaccines waiver (Apr. 30)

Rep. Gordon Hintz: 10 reasons to expand Medicaid in Wisconsin (Apr. 17)

Centennial Celebration of the 19th Amendment

As we celebrate the 100th Anniversary of the Ratification of the 19th Amendment, we honor Jessie Annette Jack Hooper of Oshkosh for her contribution to our state and our country. She was an American peace activist, suffragist, and the first president of the Wisconsin League of Women Voters. 


State Resources

If you ever have questions regarding resources in Oshkosh, please do not hesitate to reach out to my office at 608-266-2254 or email me at Rep.Hintz@legis.wi.gov.

Office Hours

Join me at next month's office hours on Friday, June 28th from 10:00 AM at the Seniors Center. I hope to see you there. 

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