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March E-Newsletter

Thank You!

It was great to hear from you at my town hall last month. Thank you to the Oshkosh Public Library for being such gracious hosts, and thank you to everyone who came for your questions and insights. 

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Rent to Own Update

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During the last week of the legislative session, a proposal which undermines the Wisconsin Consumer act passed the State Assembly on a party-line vote. Rent-to-own stores would face fewer regulations in Wisconsin. 

RTO businesses would no longer have to disclose interest rates to consumers, allowing more opportunities to exploit common targets such as military families, who move frequently and thus have a harder time seeking recourse through the courts. During a public hearing on this bill in 2012, it was estimated that exempting the RTO industry from the Consumer Act would expand their presence in our state from 38 stores to more than 300 stores.

As a strong advocate for consumer protection, I am deeply concerned about the progression of this bill and am working tirelessly with my colleagues in the Senate to ensure this bill does not become law. 

Congratulations to Oshkosh Corporation

This February, Oshkosh Corporation was named the Wisconsin Manufacturer of the Year in a competition sponsored by Wisconsin Manufacturers and Commerce. The award recognizes Wisconsin companies that demonstrate a commitment to business excellence.

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What would you do with $177 million dollars?

Instead of election-year gimmicks, we should be investing in Wisconsin families. Assembly Democrats share their ideas on how to move our state forward.

Wisconsin Assembly Democrats have a lot of ideas for how to better allocated your hard earned taxpayer dollars.  Click HERE to learn more.

Welcome to Oshkosh Brandon Jennings

I am excited to welcome Brandon Jennings to the Oshkosh Herd! Our next home game is this Friday 3/9 at 7:00PM against the Lakeland Magic.

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