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February E-Newsletter

Oshkosh Town Hall

I will be holding an in-district town hall so that I can hear directly from you with your questions, comments, and concerns. Hope to see you there!


When: Sunday, February 11th 3:00-4:30PM
Where: Oshkosh Public Library Room AB

Advocacy Group Meetings

I had the opportunity to meet with advocacy groups from a variety of different organizations over the past few weeks including the Wisconsin Dental Association, Wisconsin Agra-Business Association, the Wisconsin Credit Union League, the Grocers Association, and several others. Getting to meet with these organizations is an important part of my job as a state legislator. If you would like to meet with me to discuss the important issues facing our state please feel to contact to me at rep.hintz@legis.wi.gov or (608)266-2254. 

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Rep. Hintz Oshkosh Area credit union representatives

 Rep. Hintz in the News

Milwaukee Journal Sentinel: State, local tab for Foxconn: $4.5 billion, Democratic leader says

WKOW: Lawmakers respond to Walker's "Ambitious Agenda" for 2018

Rep. Hintz Press Release: Transportation Circus Continues 

 Legislative Update: Rent-to-Own

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On January 30th, the State Legislature heard AB 759, which would exempt the Rent-to-Own (RTO) industry from the Wisconsin Consumer Act and eliminate the requirement for these companies to disclose interest rates to RTO customers.

According to a recent study, interest rates at RTO stores can reach as high as 468%, and average over 200% APR. Items that consumers “rent” end up costing four to five times the retail price. Even Wisconsin Republicans have shown skepticism of the RTO industry.

While I have no doubt about the potential profits for the owners of expanding this business unregulated in our state; I do have concerns about the costs to individuals, other businesses, and to taxpayers. RTO lenders are a common presence in low-income communities nationwide; they target the young and financially inexperienced, and take advantage of our service men and women in the United States Military. This industry threatens the financial security of families, leading to more people stuck in the debt trap paying high-cost interest instead of spending income on food and other services.

State of the State Response

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I had the opportunity to respond to Governor Walker's State of the State address in my role as the Assembly Democratic Leader. The #RealStateofOurState is far different than the picture the Governor painted. For the eighth straight year, Wisconsinites heard a State of the State that did little to reflect on what life is truly like for the majority of Wisconsin families. Restoring our state’s long-term commitment to quality of life investments and protecting the environment is essential if we want to draw people to Wisconsin. That investment is something my colleagues and I will continue fighting for in every corner of our state.

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