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First Capitol Visit

First Capitol.png (1)This week, I enjoyed a fantastic visit to Wisconsin's Historical First Capitol buildings in Belmont. It has been 182 years since these buildings were used to create Wisconsin's territorial government. There were 19 townships considered and debated here before Madison was named the Wisconsin Territorial Capitol.

Testifying for Senate Bill 198

On Wednesday, I had testified before the Senate Committee on Judiciary and Public Safety for SB 198, which I introduced to the legislature as a co-author in May. SB 198, which relates to records of certain offenses to operating a motor vehicle with a prohibited blood alcohol concentration, seeks to limit drunk driving and its negative effects on others in Wisconsin. Far too many innocent Wisconsinites have suffered at the hands of drunk driving, and it is time to put an end to it. I am hopeful that the Senate committee members, as well as my other legislative colleagues and Governor Evers, agree so this bill and other similar pieces of legislation can be signed into law to make Wisconsin a safer place for its citizens.

Back to School: Safety Tips

With school starting back up for millions of children, families, and teachers, it is important to recognize some safety tips in school zones and around school buses. Below are some great tips to follow that AAA - The Auto Club Group is promoting.

AAA recommends drivers observe the following guidelines to help keep children safe:
• Eliminate distractions - Research shows that taking your eyes off the road for just two seconds doubles your chances of crashing. Children can move quickly; crossing the road unexpectedly or emerging suddenly between two parked cars. For example, motorists can reduce risk by avoiding using their cell phones or not eating while driving.
• Slow down - Speed limits in school zones are reduced for a reason. A pedestrian struck by a vehicle traveling at 25 mph is nearly two-thirds less likely to be killed compared to a pedestrian struck by a vehicle traveling just 10 mph faster.
• Come to a complete stop - Research shows that more than one-third of drivers roll through stop signs in school zones or neighborhoods. Always come to a complete stop, checking carefully for children on sidewalks and in crosswalks before proceeding.
• Reverse responsibly - Every vehicle has blind spots. Check for children on the sidewalk, in the driveway, and around your vehicle before slowly backing up. Teach your children to never play in, under, or around vehicles.
• You can find further information on pedestrian safety that includes expert advice and videos at

• School bus safety - Students are about 70 times more likely to get to school safely when taking a school bus instead of traveling in a vehicle. The greatest risk to students is not riding a school bus, but approaching or leaving one.

AAA reminds students to:
• Stay a safe distance from the roadway when waiting for the bus to arrive.
• Avoid pushing or horseplay.
• Get on and off the school bus safely by waiting it to stop, the door gets opened, and the bus driver gives the okay.
• Use caution around the bus. Never try and pick something up that you have dropped around the bus. Tell the bus driver right away.

Lastly, a fantastic graphic on how to handle a stopped school bus: School Bus Safety.docx.

Today in History - September 6
  • 1492 – Christopher Columbus' fleet left Gomera, Canary islands.
  • 1651 – King Charles II of England spent a day hiding in an oak tree during his escape after he lost the Battle of Worcester.
  • 1839 – The Cherokee Nation united and ratified a constitution at Tahlequah, Oklahoma.
  • 1901 – US President William McKinley was shot by Leon Czolgosz, an anarchist, while visiting the Pan-American Exposition in New York.
  • 1953 – Roy Campanella set the record for HRs by a catcher at 38.
  • 1997 - The funeral of Diana, Princess of Wales, was held at Westminster Abbey in London.
  • 2018 - Burt Reynolds, American actor, passed away at the age of 82.

Upcoming Holidays

  • Friday, September 6 – Barbie Doll Day
  • Saturday, September 7 – Aunt's Day
  • Sunday, September 8 – National Pledge of Allegiance Day
  • Monday, September 9 – National Teddy Bear Day
  • Tuesday, September 10 – National Hot Dog Day
  • Wednesday, September 11 – National Emergency Responders Day
  • Thursday, September 12 – National Day of Encouragement

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