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Hometown Hero Sam Floyd

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On Tuesday, I presented a Hometown Hero award to a former student of mine, Sam Floyd. Military members have a high incident rate of PTSD, which unfortunately sometimes causes them to take their own lives. This is a serious issue in the military community and Sam saw an opportunity to address it. He began a coffee business that donates 10% of its profits to help veterans with PTSD. Congrats to Sam on this amazing idea. Thank you for standing out in the community to help military members!

Latest Revenue Numbers

More great news about our state's budget picture has come out today! The new revenue numbers show that conservative fiscal policies are working for Wisconsin. New projections from the Legislative Fiscal Bureau indicate tax collections to be $818.2 million more than estimated over the two-year budget period. This data means $409.1 million will be deposited into the Rainy Day Fund, which will bring its new total balance to more than a billion dollars (graphic below)! In addition, it means the ending general fund balance is nearly $452 million higher than what was projected when the 2019-21 budget was enacted.


Municipal Judge Bill Signed Into Law

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State of the State Response

Representative Thiesfeldt released the following video immediately after the State of the State address from Governor Evers. You can watch my video response here.

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Bill Updates

Cursive Bill - Passed in Assembly Committee on State Affairs; next step is for the entire Assembly and Senate to vote on it.

Standing with Dignity Bill - Senate version passed in Senate Committee on Health and Human Services; Assembly version is waiting on a committee vote soon.

Veterans Bill (AB 673) - Senate version received a public hearing on Wednesday; the Assembly version is receiving a public hearing next Thursday.

Lead Bills (AB 475 and 476) - The Senate version of AB 475 passed before the whole Senate during their floor session on Tuesday. The Senate version of AB 476 passed out of its Senate committee on Wednesday. The Assembly version of the bills are likely to receive a public hearing soon.

Protect Life Day

On Tuesday, the Assembly passed AJR 118 which proclaims January 22nd as Protect Life Day. As a cosponsor and a huge proponent of pro-life legislation, I am proud that the Assembly was able to pass this resolution as another step in the right direction to stand up for the unborn!

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Upcoming Holidays

  • Friday, January 24 – National "Just Do It" Day
  • Saturday, January 25 – Chinese New Year
  • Sunday, January 26 – Spouse's Day
  • Monday, January 27 – Bubble Wrap Appreciation Day
  • Tuesday, January 28 – Daisy Day
  • Wednesday, January 29 – Freethinkers Day
  • Thursday, January 30 – National Escape Day

For more fun and out-there holidays, visit, a website created by a former Fond du Lac resident!

Today in History - January 24
  • 1679 – King Charles II disbanded the English parliament.
  • 1908 – Lieutenant General Robert Baden-Powell published "Scouting for Boys" as a manual for self-instruction in outdoor skills and self-improvement. The book became the inspiration for the Scout Movement.
  • 1984 – Apple Computer Inc. unveiled its revolutionary Macintosh personal computer.
  • 2006 – Walt Disney International and Bob Iger announced it is buying computer animation film studio "Pixar" for $7.4 billion.
  • 2019 – The US government recognized Venezuelan opposition leader Juan Guaido as the country's President.