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CESA 6 Award

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In December, I was recognized by CESA 6 for "actively engaging in conversations with superintendents, district staff, and school board members" on finding ways to improve education in the region. I will continue to work hard and fight for better education for our youth in District 52 and the State of Wisconsin.

Standing with Dignity Bill

On Tuesday and Wednesday, I testified on AB 660/SB 605, a bill that Senator Testin and I authored and included Representative Anderson as a cosponsor. AB 660, which relates to reimbursement under the Medical Assistance program for complex rehabilitation technology, modifies the definition of complex rehabilitation technology and requires the Department of Health Services to defer to the determination of a physician regarding the medical necessity of a complex rehabilitation technology item or service, and, upon a physician's determination of medical necessity, consider a complex rehabilitation technology item or service for a complex needs patient as medically necessary for purposes of reimbursement under this Medical Assistance program. There is medical proof that standing can improve many bodily functions for someone confined to a wheelchair or bed. This bill eases the ability for a disabled person to afford such complex rehabilitation technology to better/save their health and life. I am hopeful that my legislative colleagues and Governor Evers will be supportive of this bill so it can be signed into law and improve and save the lives of many disabled men, women, and children in Wisconsin.

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Veterans Bill Package

Every legislative biennium, I always strive to introduce and pass legislation that benefits veterans and active military members of Wisconsin. I recently co-authored three veterans bills with Senator Jacque: ABs 672, 673, and 674. Thus far, I testified on AB 672 before the Assembly Committee on Family Law on Tuesday and AB 674 before the Assembly Committee on Regulatory Licensing Reform on Wednesday. All three bills have received bipartisan support. I am hopeful that they will continue to advance through the legislature and make it to the Governor's desk to be signed into law!

National Law Enforcement Day

January 9th, 2020 was recognized as National Law Enforcement Day. I would like to thank each and every man and woman in law enforcement who risk their lives every day to make the communities in District 52, the State of Wisconsin, and the rest of the United States safer. Their hard work, dedication, and sacrifices are dearly appreciated and we are all grateful for them. May God keep them all safe every day so they can return home to their families - like they make sure we do while they protect us.

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Upcoming Holidays

  • Friday, January 10 – Houseplant Appreciation Day
  • Saturday, January 11 – National Human Trafficking Awareness Day
  • Sunday, January 12 – Baptism of the Lord
  • Monday, January 13 – National Rubber Ducky Day
  • Tuesday, January 14 – National Dress Up Your Pet Day
  • Wednesday, January 15 – National Hat Day
  • Thursday, January 16 – Religious Freedom Day

For more fun and out-there holidays, visit, a website created by a former Fond du Lac resident!

Today in History - January 10th
  • 46 BC – Julius Caesar defied the Roman Senate and crossed the Rubicon, signaling the start of civil war and leading to his appointment as Roman dictator for life.
  • 1776 – "Common Sense" pamphlet by Thomas Paine was published, advocating American independence.
  • 1870 – John D. Rockefeller incorporated Standard Oil.
  • 1917 – Suffragettes, the "Silent Sentinels," first protested outside The White House, led by Alice Paul and the National Woman's Party.
  • 1956 – Elvis Presley recorded his single, "Heartbreak Hotel."
  • 1985 - Lenny Wilkens became the first person to coach in 1,000 NBA games when his Seattle SuperSonics defeated the Golden State Warriors, 89-86.
  • 2018 - Jeff Bezos became the second man worth over $100 billion as his wealth hit $106 billion due to a rise in Amazon's share price.