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"We Are Thankful for You" Award

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During a time to be grateful for the things we have, I recently presented Liz Morrell and The ARC Fond du Lac with the "We Are Thankful for You" award. She and countless others from this organization go above and beyond in their role by providing amazing services for youth and adults with disabilities. The 52nd District is thankful to have such an amazing organization that serves the Fond du Lac community with heart and care.

Legislative Updates: AB 204 and SB 332

Recently, a couple of my bills have made great progress through the legislature. AB 204, which relates to municipal ordinance enforcement and court procedures, passed the Assembly Judiciary Committee unanimously. This bipartisan piece of legislation makes change to the state statutes in order to provide consistency and clarity in areas that apply to our state's judges and court system. SB 332, which relates to the tracking of sexual assault kits in sexual assault cases, also passed the Senate unanimously during their floor session! The bill creates a Sexual Assault Kit Tracking System so that prosecutors and victims of sexual assault and rape can be assured that their kits will be tested in a timely manner. This bill will also help law enforcement catch the perpetrators and serial rapists. Sexual assault survivors have been through something horrific, and they deserve justice. As I have heard from survivors themselves, this will help bring peace, closure, and healing to survivors and their loved ones.

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Foxconn Contracts

As the Foxconn project progresses, contracts continue to be awarded to several local companies. It is noteworthy to recognize a handful of contracts that have been given out to Fond du Lac businesses just in the last few months. J.F. Ahern Co., C.D. Smith Construction Inc., ​Batzler Trucking, Mid-State Concrete Cutting Co., Guelig Waste Removal and Demolition LLC, Diversified Infrastructure Services, Inc., and Twin Lakes Transit LTD have received millions of dollars for their services. This is great for the WI economy, especially for the 52nd District, as Foxconn continues to invest in the state to continually progress it in a positive direction for Wisconsinites everywhere!

School Safety Grant Video: Fond du Lac High School

Last session, the Wisconsin state legislature passed a safety grant that gave over $100 million to public and private schools across the state to improve safety. I recently visited Fond du Lac High School to see how that money was spent to further protect their students, teachers, and staff. Watch the video here.

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Upcoming Holidays

  • Friday, December 6 – St. Nicholas Day
  • Saturday, December 7 – National Pearl Harbor Remembrance Day
  • Sunday, December 8 – National Christmas Tree Day
  • Monday, December 9 – Christmas Card Day
  • Tuesday, December 10 – Human Rights Day
  • Wednesday, December 11 – National App Day
  • Thursday, December 12 – Gingerbread House Day

For more fun and out-there holidays, visit, a website created by a former Fond du Lac resident!

Today in History - December 6
  • 1825 – US President John Adams suggested an establishment of a national observatory.
  • 1877 – Thomas Edison recorded himself reciting "Mary had a little lamb."
  • 1956 – Nelson Mandela & 156 others were arrested for political activities in South Africa.
  • 1998 – Hugo Chávez was elected President of Venezuela.
  • 2017 – US President Donald Trump officially recognized Jerusalem as Israel's capital, announcing plans to move the US embassy there.