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"Safer at Home" Order Extended


Yesterday, Governor Evers released an executive order that extended the "Safer at Home" order until May 26th, 2020. The links provide the details of the order, along with an outline of info to address any FAQs.

COVID-19 Response Legislation

Tuesday, I voted for the COVID-19 Response Bill to help the state address the challenges from the coronavirus outbreak and assist Wisconsinites who are out of work. The legislation gives the Evers administration necessary flexibility and helps the state capture millions more in federal dollars. The Assembly approved the bill during Tuesday’s historic extraordinary session, which was done with a large number of representatives participating virtually for the first time in state history. I’m pleased my Assembly colleagues and I could come together on this bipartisan bill, ensuring our state can better respond to the public health emergency while protecting the integrity of our state budget.

The COVID-19 Response Bill eliminates the one-week waiting period for unemployment insurance benefits. The change would be applied retroactively to claims made after March 12 and run through February 7, 2021.

The bill allows the state to capture more Medicaid dollars from the federal government, which will be helpful as more individuals may need to access the coverage due to a loss of work during the pandemic.

The legislation also provides the following:
• Eases licensing requirements for health care professionals and emergency medical responders
• Allows pharmacists to extend prescriptions
• Expands SeniorCare to include coverage of vaccinations
• Ensures no co-pays for COVID-19 testing
• Prohibits health insurance coverage discrimination based on COVID-19
• Provides the needed flexibilities to school districts to complete the school year online
• Sets aside $75 million to address future, unexpected needs that federal dollars don’t cover
• Requires the Wisconsin Economic Development Corporation to develop a plan to assist the state’s main industries (tourism, agriculture, manufacturing, construction and retail)

This legislation ensures Wisconsin will receive the entire $2 billion in federal assistance that Governor Evers has sole discretion over in spending. Assembly Republicans have asked the governor to prioritize the needs of the health care industry, workers, small businesses and local governments when allocating these dollars.

Window Ban Reversed

On Tuesday morning, the Department of Health Service's Board of Aging and Long Term Care issued a memo that included a ban on any window visits between patients and visitors. Due to abrupt backlash, the Board changed course later that day to reissue a new memo, not including the ban. Thus, any window visits you seek to have with your friends and loved ones at hospitals and long-term care facilities should be allowed, in accordance to the medical business' policy. If there is any confusion, please contact the 52nd District office.

Tax Day Reminder


IRS Stimulus Checks

The IRS has started to send out stimulus payments to individual taxpayers. The first people to receive stimulus payments are those who have already filed their 2019 return and have authorized the IRS to make a direct deposit into their bank account. The IRS noted that they are starting with people with lower incomes. All Social Security recipients will also automatically receive their payment – no filing of a tax return is necessary. Those who have not yet filed or who have not authorized direct deposit will wait longer. If a filer has not authorized direct deposit, a paper check will be issued and that will take even longer. Visit their website for more details.


Upcoming Holidays

  • Friday, April 17 – National Cheeseball Day
  • Saturday, April 18 – National Animal Crackers Day
  • Sunday, April 19 – Go Fly a Kite Day
  • Monday, April 20 – Patriots' Day
  • Tuesday, April 21 – Big Word Day
  • Wednesday, April 22 – "In God We Trust" Day
  • Thursday, April 23 – German Beer Day

For more fun and out-there holidays, visit, a website created by a former Fond du Lac resident!

Today in History - April 17
  • 1808 – Bayonne Decree by Napoleon I of France ordered seizure of US ships.
  • 1932 – Ethiopian Emperor Haile Selassie of Ethiopia ended slavery.
  • 1961 – 1,400 Cuban exiles landed in Bay of Pigs in a doomed attempt to overthrow Fidel Castro.
  • 1983 – Nolan Ryan struck out his 3,500th batter.
  • 2015 – Jazz composer and musician John Coltrane was awarded a posthumous Special Citation by the Pulitzer Prize board.