Pro-Life Rally

JT Pro Life Rally.jpg

Last week, I had the honor to participate in the Pro-Life rally at the State Capitol and listen to speakers like Claire, who told her story of surviving an abortion. The crowd at the rally was encouraging Governor Evers to sign 4 pro-life bills that had been placed on his desk. Sadly, the Governor vetoed all 4. Regardless of Governor Evers' actions, I will to continue to fight for this great cause.

AB 171 & AB 250 Pass the Assembly

Last week, my bills AB 171, which would close a loophole in Wisconsin law that does not disallow law enforcement officers from engaging in sexual contact with those in their custody, and AB 250, which supports and protects the deaf and interpreter communities of our state, were passed out of the Assembly. AB 171 will now be sent to Senate committee for a vote. AB 250 passed in the Senate on Wednesday and will now be sent to Governor Evers' desk.

The Wisconsin Budget 

This week, The Wisconsin Budget, crafted by the Joint Finance Committee, passed both the State Assembly and Senate. I believe this budget is right for Wisconsin, as it includes healthy support for our schools, a continuation of the tuition freeze at UW campuses, more than $500 million in tax cuts to help middle class families, investments in health care without expanding welfare, and the resources needed to fix our roads and bridges, all while being fiscally responsible. I urge Governor Evers to sign this budget as it is sent to his desk.

This Week in the District
  • Friday, June 28 – Dock Spiders vs. Madison Mallards - Girls Night Out (Herr Baker Field - 6:35pm)
  • Saturday, June 29 – Downtown FdL Farmers Market (Downtown Fond du Lac Partnership - 8am-12pm)
  • Sunday, June 30 – Vista King Boat Cruise (The Arc Fond du Lac - 10am-4pm)
  • Monday, July 1 – Music Under the Stars - The Del Rays (Buttermilk Creek Park - 7pm-8:30pm)
  • Tuesday, July 2 – Evening Walk at Oakfield Ledge (Oakfield Ledge - 6:30pm)
  • Wednesday, July 3 – Buttermilk Festival (Buttermilk Creek Park - 7:15pm-8:30pm)
  • Thursday, July 4 – Symphonic Band Americana Concert - Fireworks (Lakeside Park - 7:30pm)

Upcoming Holidays

  • Friday, June 28 – Paul Bunyan Day
  • Saturday, June 29 – National Celebrate Your Marriage Day
  • Sunday, June 30 – Descendants' Day
  • Monday, July 1 – National Creative Ice Cream Flavor Day
  • Tuesday, July 2 – Made in the USA Day
  • Wednesday, July 3 – National Eat Beans Day
  • Thursday, July 4 – Independence Day

For more fun and out-there holidays, visit, a website created by a former Fond du Lac resident! 

Today in History - June 28
  • 1776 – The final draft of Declaration of Independence was submitted to Continental Congress.
  • 1838 – Coronation of Queen Victoria in Westminster Abbey, London.
  • 1914 – Franz Ferdinand, The Archduke of Austria, was assassinated, which ignited the beginning of WWI.
  • 1996 – "Nutty Professor" starring Eddie Murphy opened in theaters in the USA.
  • 2018 – Power company uncovered Neolithic wooden trackway 2,300 years old in Suffolk, England. One of the largest archaeological digs in Europe at 16,000 square meters.