Rep. Thiesfeldt’s Comments on State of the State


Madison – Today, Rep. Thiesfeldt (R-Fond du Lac) shared his thoughts on Gov. Walker’s annual State of the State address.

“Wisconsin is strong and moving in the right direction.  The many changes implemented in the past five years of Republican leadership have delivered our state through difficult times and point to a future of prosperity.  We have made strong commitments to building a positive business climate which will grow jobs and the economy.  As a result our unemployment rate is low, tax increases have slowed to a crawl, and the growing economy has boosted tax revenues allowing us to responsibly strengthen our schools with increased funding and more options, we have frozen in-state college tuition—again and demanded efficiencies from our UW System.  It has also allowed us to preserve long-term care programs and SeniorCare, and we continue to work to find solutions and eliminate fraud, waste and abuse in our public benefit programs intended for those citizens transitioning to a better future.” 

“Looking ahead, it is now time to also challenge the aggressive and often unconstitutional overreach of Washington DC into state affairs.  We must demand a national government that recognizes the state sovereignty prescribed by the 10th Amendment.  Building on the true federalism envisioned by the Founders we will lay a foundation that will propel our state to lead the nation to greater economic success and increased opportunities,” Rep. Thiesfeldt concluded.