JFC Approves Spending for Voter ID Awareness Campaign

Members unanimously approved $250,000 fulfilling original law’s intent

Madison – On Monday, June 13th, the Joint Finance Committee (JFC) unanimously approved a request from the Government Accountability Board (GAB) to allocate $250,000 previously promised in original legislation for a voter ID awareness campaign. 

Rep. Thiesfeldt along with 33 other legislators delivered a letter to JFC requesting they hold a hearing to approve the expenditure.  “I was pleased to see the JFC take the appropriate steps to fulfill the original intent of the Photo ID Law.  Photo identification at the polls is widely supported by the public as a simple, common sense protection of the integrity of our elections.  The JFC approval is a one-time allocation that will help further ensure every eligible voter in Wisconsin is aware of the identification procedures at the polls,” Rep. Thiesfeldt stated. 

This money will be used to provide further information to the public so that every legal voter has ample opportunity to be prepared to vote on Aug. 9th and Nov. 8th.